You Need to Visit This Delightful town of Pavia

So, I took a half-day trip from Milan to Pavia recently. And documented that in this Italy vlog series.

Initially, the plan was to go to Verona or Bergamo. But I deliberated too much, in other words, wasted time getting confused – I only had half a day.

And the train from Milan to Pavia was only 30 minutes according to the Trainline app on my phone.

So that was that. I decided to head on there.

I got to see empty streets, lonely bartenders and barsistas at coffee shops with almost no customers (well you know what’s going on now).

Also, churches, churches and more churches. And an interesting bridge and a castle. These were the highlights of this trip.

My favourite part was the quietness of this town. Because I visited in August and all the universities were shut and also because of the pandemic, I was told.

Anyway, here is a documentation – vlog for the thing.

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