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Dating & Relationships

I have learned how to create love on the road during my travels and when I am back in London. Also, having learned the dynamics of relationships from various coaching schools and after (getting married for a month for research), having multiple monogamous, non-monogamous, casual relationships, coaching people on the topics of intimacy and courage, I am keen to spread the knowledge further and help you in your dating life.

Leaving your work behind and escape the 9-5

Want to leave the 9-5 work and create a life of travel and digital nomadism? Having done it myself and ongoing, I can help you with leaving your current job and finding something new that will be more nourishing to you.

Meditation and Mindfulness Training

There are a lot of meditation books and techniques available in the stores and a lot of teachers around you. Most of them spread the wrong messages to meditation as in – it is to calm yourself – to become more confident – stop your thoughts – meditation is concentration – and other bullshit. These are the by-products of meditation but the moment you try to have goals like these, it is no longer meditation.

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