Why Start A Blog? 15 Reasons to Start a Blog

It is lockdown time now at the time of writing and it is the perfect time to start a blog.

A blog can be a way to express yourself, that you would not normally express to your friends.

You don’t have to worry about who reads or who does not read.

It can be like taking stock, or inventory of your personal life. And even get the unsaid things out into the open, and also stepping into the discomfort of sharing things that normally you won’t.

You can have a journal, document your life, or share a skill.

You can story tell, share a certain way you do something and so on.

Blogging improves your writing skills, if you want to be a good writer.

It improves your life in terms of skills.

If you are thinking about writing a book, you don’t have to do it all in one go. Write smaller blog posts, and compile the book from these smaller blog posts. A good thing about this is that you can get feedback from your audience much earlier than publishing your book, and edit the final version of your book accordingly. It can be a good testing ground.

1. For freelancers (yoga teachers, coders, plumbers, or any other service offerings)

If you have a service that you currently offer, a blog, by writing blog posts increases your credibility and you can showcase your best work. For example a yoga teacher can write about their unique style of teaching combined with useful information on why an asana works and how etc. It showcases that you know what you are talking about and can land you a great client.

It is great for any kind of freelancers, content writers, coders, hobbyists. Even something that you don’t know how to monetize yet, you can start writing about it, share and gauge interest. And later monetize.

It is a great tool to market your skills.

2. Build your personal brand

Make your name known. So clients know whom to call when your skills are needed. Putting out content on how to execute your skills, builds your credibility, and makes it easier for others trust in your brand.

Easily secure jobs and contracts.

3. Automate your business

If your current business model is one of referrals and local contacts, a blog helps you build an online presence. And if an article you write, reaches your intended audience, it has the potential to digitally bring in clients. And your business can scale very quickly as compared to physically bringing in clients that require your involvement. Take yourself out of the equation of scaling your business and build an automated system to bring in clients.

Service-based workers can also accept digital payments online when a blog is incorporated with an online payment system.

You can create incorporate an appointment scheduling system easily into your blog to accept online appointments. This is especially helpful for health and fitness coaches, life coaches, and so on.

You can repurpose the content you write into a digital courses and sell on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.

Your blog itself can act as a platform for online courses.

4. Own your data and share at your will

You may be already successful on platforms like medium, youtube, and Instagram.

What you upload is restricted by their policies and the data sits on their servers. And if they decide to close your account for whatever reason in this mad new world, you can confident that you have another solid platform to showcase your content.

And of course, upload whatever you want on your blog, without worrying about conforming to other platforms’ stricter policies. Obviously, stick within the laws of your country.

5. Writing will improve your language and how you communicate and makes you a better articulator

Writing will eventually better your language skills, and this will automatically spill into how you verbally communicate, articulate and express your views offline.

This depends on your style of writing of course. Personally for me, I prefer simple language because anything other than that (especially when I pretend to be a good writer) confuses me, it is extra effort, and also if I don’t understand what I am saying how will someone else understand? Without jargon, straight to point and honest is what I prefer.

You can experiment with your own style of articulating your views and practice writing great articles.

6. Blog can be a great source of passive income

The blog itself can be a great source of income if successful.

It has the potential to make money from affiliate marketing, which is passive income. Writing sponsored posts and ad revenue. There are bloggers who make a lot of money using their blogs, for example makinsenseofcents and nomadic matt.

7. If you are not an expert take your audience on your journey

For example if you want to start a travel blog, and you don’t have a lot to start with, travel and document your life as you go along. Along with providing what is useful to your readers.

Have a balance of ‘me, me, me’ and ‘you, you, you’. Give some local tips on where to visit etc while sharing your own experience.

This is more or less same as sharing on other platforms like, instagram and facebook, but the data you can monetise later, because you own it.

Using your blog as a personal journal will act as a progress tracker, and to see how far you have come, reading back your older stories.

8. Learn new skills and teach others.

Through blogging you will learn other skills.

You will learn to be a better writer (you can offer your writing services eventually), you will pick up technological skills, for example, WordPress skills that you can offer as a service later.

You will learn marketing skills, email marketing, social media marketing, and storytelling. All of which you can later teach others once you gain your footing.

8. It helps others gather information and act as inspiration from what they learn.

What you share, your lifestyle, your knowledge, the how-tos can inspire others to have a look at an alternate way of living life, than the traditional 9-5 and change their life.

We mostly act from information, we gather knowledge and then act, knowledge acts as security before we plunge into something. And helps add a sense of security when dealing with unknowns. Plan for failures and so on.

The knowledge you share on your blog, can act as a support for others to start something similar to what you do, or execute something that you talk about. They can comment on your posts and ask for support.

9. Gain experience when you don’t have any.

Employers require work experience and to get the experience you need a job. It is a classic chicken and egg situation.

Having a blog will allow you to talk about the career area that you want to get into, build credibility, and put yourself out there. Create some personal projects, build a portfolio on your blog, and have that as a base when pitching yourself to your clients.

Or better yet, let the clients find you.

For example, if you want to be a freelance coder, talk about coding, and gradually position yourself as an expert.

10. You gain financial freedom through passive income, better retirement plan than a pension

As I mentioned earlier, blogs have great potential for generating passive income through affiliate marketing and ad revenue. Create a digital course out of your already existing content, say you generated over several months, and you have that as a potential for passive income.

Create membership sites, build a community, where people can connect with each other, you have a subscription-based offering, which is passive income again.

Create an ebook out of your content and publish using amazon, you have money.

It will require some time, and figuring out what works for you, so keep that in mind.

Blogging is not fast money. But it certainly, I believe, open up new avenues of income.

Passive income is a better retirement plan than a pension.

11. Create a community around a specific interest and you have an audience for your future products

Once you establish a reader base, a community, you can reach out to them repeatedly to sell something that is valuable.

Of course, don’t scam people, offer something that will be genuinely helpful to your readers.

12. Blogging can help you tell the truth

You can share things that you won’t normally share with your friends and confront your shame of it.

Write about your deep fears, ugly aspects, temperaments, anything that you despise, and feel is risky to talk about.

Obviously, by looking into your fears and sharing I believe to some level, you grow more comfortable with them. Not so much condemn them anymore. And overall, gain a sense of ease with those dark aspects.

You will not be phased as much when someone else attempts to use your dark aspects to control or manipulate you.

It will help you tell the truth in real life. And have the right kind of friends, who are in return truthful to you.

13. You can track the progress of your life with your blog and get help through your blog

Journal and document your blog, have a goal, and share with your community. Track your progress, connect with the right people, with comments on your articles, and get an extra motivation through your readers.

Get help from your readers. Get useful tips and better ways of doing things, from your readers.

Obviously, there are many people who will criticize anything, just ignore them.

14. Blogging will make you effective and accustomed to your own personality

It is not an easy task to blog consistently. You need to write, edit, market, and so on. You will have to learn time-effective ways of doing things, you will have to batch, you will have to schedule, you will learn to work smart to have the maximum impact with minimal effort. Thus increasing your effectiveness.

It will change your mindset, in that you find out what works for your personality. Get to know how you work best.

15. Inquire about something you don’t know.

You can use blogging as a self-inquiry tool and engage in discussions with others.

You don’t necessarily have to talk about the things that you know already. That is past knowledge anyway, if you want to inquire into something that you are not really sure about, you can think out loud work it out in an article. Invite others to engage in the inquiry and figure it out.

A fun exercise to do something for the fun of it. And detach from the outcome.

It is also great fun to write, and appreciate yourself, even if you don’t make any money out of it.

Blogging can be a great hobby. Doing something just for the sake of it and not expecting anything in return.

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