Why I Travel

I travel because I am too restless to stay in one place.

Some people call it running away from from life, as if they have any idea about how life should be.

No one knows, you’re free to do what you want, it is your life.

Though the spiritual superiority of these people irritate me.

May be I feel the same way towards them. May be I am spiritually superior.

I want to improve the quality of my lifestyle

Ever since I read Tim Ferriss’s 4 hour work week, it disrupted my psyche.

The content of the book made a lot of sense in its simplest terms. I questions a lot of things in the traditional ways.

It has a lot practical step on how to do it, travelling seemed like an option where I can have a higher quality of life, right now. Without having to wait to save up a lot of money before I do.

I want freedom to travel, not because I like travelling. I want to enjoy the best things that I can have right now.

I don’t want to save enough for retirement and then go on a holiday. That is not a very good idea. I probably won’t have the health to enjoy anything then.

Health is not going to be the same then. I don’t know why people don’t get this.

If people are not of my taste in place, then I move to another city to experience something new. I am an explorer that way.

It is also an opportunity for me to know where I am not receptive of people.

Travel makes me more receptive of people and kinder towards myself and others.

Also I get to know people, why people do certain things. So I can hack my interactions with them.

I can practice being curious about people

This takes some attention off of myself and put on other people, be curious  and see if I can relate to them.

I can form new friendships and romantic relationships.

It makes me less obsessed about myself and more open towards others.

Take some emotional risks with others. If I fuck up, move to another city and lesson learned. Not a lot of pride lost there.

I get to dissolve my pride by putting myself into uncomfortable situations.

Have sex with women from different cultures, experience intimacy in its different forms.

That is quite self explanatory. I love women, and I want to have as much connection and their presence around me. Even if that means finding a culture that allows it. I like a woman’s presence around me. What makes the connection electric is that I hate them and love them at the same time. It is always an opportunity to grow, when you’re with a woman.

Staying in hostels forces me to come out of my natural introversion (rather learned habit)

Yeah I think introversion is learned, and I want to create the habit of connecting with people, (on my terms though).

Staying in hostels forces me to be more connected than my usual ‘leave me alone’ state.

They are also great place to practice your flirting skills with women.

And a easy way to get to know other travellers and meet your new travel buddies.

Using arbitrage I can stay in a decent villas and apartments when I want to without spending a lot of money.

When I make money working online, in GBP or a higher valued currency I can easily spend that in some place like Ukraine to have a good, decent apartment from Airbnb without much commitment, and allow myself to wind down and relax.

It forces me to create multiple streams of income, or be good at writing (for example this blog).

I’ll be honest, I am newbie here, at the time of the writing I have like 50 unique visitors a month, though it will change with the right kind of effort.

Anyway, I have tried staying in one city and and staying in a high paying job.

Now it is time to accept a new challenge and new aspect of my life that’s been taking a lot of attention.

Specifically action taking.

If I know anything about myself, I can easily make the habit of writing as a hiding mechanism. To not take any action and hide in writing. It is addictive.

Writing  gives meaning to my thoughts.

I travel because I am lost, I don’t know what I want fully.

I have a theory the meaning is not supposed to be understood fully, that is why I have not found it. May be the meaning is in the search itself. May be there is no meaning, that is why life is mysterious and so wonderful. Sometimes wonderful in ways that I don’t understand.

And I am not sure I will find it, or I have already found it. It is all smoky mirrors.

There is no point in reflecting for long times and not doing anything about it. I am glad that I am doing something about it.

You want something, have it, if it is not for you then move on to the next thing. Until you find something that makes you happy and passionate about it, repeat that process.

Finding your passion is a process of discovery, we think that we have stopped learning and there is no room to grow, quite often, because our size represents that of an adult.

That we are not babies and children anymore, this is a psychic trap.

That’s it.[social_warfare]

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