Planning To Visit the Cheaper Finland – Estonia

I am taking some days off chilling in Warsaw before my trip to Estonia. I will be meeting with one of my friends there and we have eight days planned. Because that was how much vacation days he could take.

Travelling from Warsaw to Tallinn seems like effort. If I take the bus it is about 19 hours, but I don’t think I can stomach it. The alternative is to take a combination of trains and buses, via Kaunas, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn stopping and staying in those places. With only one week left to the trip I suspect spending 2 nights in each town be worth it. Besides I am not a fan of 2-day trips to anywhere.

I would rather spend a couple of weeks doing nothing, doing what I like, which is writing and spend time like that. Sometimes out of the need to generate content for my blog, I go out and visit some places. To create the next “Top things to do in a city”.

I don’t think I am a great fan of sightseeing that way, though I like travelling just for the feel and experience of travelling, new places, many trains and buses. Overland travel is something that I am getting eager about. And to travel inland away from the tourist masses, even though it scares me.

So, spending a couple of days there in these towns really does not make sense to me.

There is of course the option of flights, but it is freaking £150 pounds from here to Tallinn. But you know what? It is only 1 hour to get there. Sweet Lord!

Compare that to the 20-hour ride in a box on wheels, makes me sound like a Masochist.

Anyway, I am soldiering on for today.

I will be spending one night in Tallinn, come down to Riga, spend 3 nights there, go back up to Tallinn, spend the next day in Helsinki and then the next day – go somewhere else. And my friend flies back to the US.

I am hoping this to be a memorable trip, because I won’t get to see him until I don’t know how long.

We are king of annoyed about the cold situation there though. He asked me today “Do you know any weather gods?” Lol

If you have any recommendations for this trip. Send my way.

Much obliged!


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