12 Trip Planner Apps To Save You Time Planning Your Next Trip

Today, travel is not as stressful as it used to be. There are several apps and websites that you can use to travel well, stay safe and have a stress-free convenient trip. And above all, have amazing luxurious experiences with half the money that you would pay back home.

Travel is not costly anymore, if you plan it accordingly. And I am not talking about travelling saving every penny, eating cheap and staying in shady hotels etc. None of that. Make use of the power of your currency and stay in decent, luxurious places in Asia or in south America or anywhere else where a good stay is possible making use of the currency exchange rate and lower cost of livings.

Here are some websites and apps that you can use to travel well planning your next holidays efficiently. Not only to save money, also to have a stress-free experience.

I am writing this with a view to help short term travellers and long-term travellers who travel as a lifestyle or those who want to start a lifestyle like that.

You don’t have to endlessly plan, because most of the hard work of searching and sorting can be done with technology these days.

Choosing where to go

  1. Numbeo.com – tells you the cost of living in a city and other expenses. You can see how a city compares to your home city and how much you will be able to save by travelling.
  2. Nomadlist – Gives a myriad of options to choose a city With. Tells you where to go. You can search by weather, English speaking ability, cost of living, city size and even tinder use etc. There are many more options.
  3. Rove.me: You can find your travel ideas from this site. You select the time frame and rove.me generates the ideas. And it shows the results relevant to the dates selected, searches for cool events, festivals, natural happenings like – flowers blooming in that time period.
  4. Check out tour company itineraries to plan route and stay times: Another thing that I would do is to have a look at the itineraries created by tour companies to get an idea of how I can replicate the same to save some time in planning. One such company is intrepid travels.

This is a good option for long term backpackers and other travellers because these itineraries are well thought out by the tour companies. Another such company is G Adventures. And one more, Contiki.

Use airlines search engines as well, to plan where to go. Most of them have open search options where you can search with only the origin point and with an open plan and open duration for your trip. The functionality may vary slightly differently across these platforms, but they allow you to search flexibly.

  • Kiwi.com: this is what I use mainly, to go to places with just the origin, and I see which one is the cheapest to fly to.

For an in depth usage how to on using the search engines to choose where to go see this article.

Similar to Kiwi are Momondo and Google Flights. I mainly use kiwi because I find its user interface very easy to use.

  • Google flights: Hit the search button after only entering the origin. It will open up a map showing the prices to various destinations. Look for a cheap ticket and cross reference with numbeo or nomadlist to work out the cost of the trip
  • Kayak.com: Use Kayak’s explore more tool with the total trip option to see destinations that not just includes the flight price but also take into consideration the total cost of the trip.
  • Google trips: Download this app to know more about the destination that you plan to visit or to research places before you set off. You can search for attractions, cafes, search for indoor and outdoor places, places to eat etc. If you have booked flights/accommodation and you have received the confirmation mails for this in your Gmail inbox, this information will already available in the app when you sign in to the app.
  • Triposo: Put in the city that you found in the above steps to find a bit more about the city. Also, you can download offline city guides, if you will limited or no internet access where you are going.
  • Cutluretrip: You find numerous articles on every city that you want to go. I usually check for the best cafes articles because I want to make sure that where I am going has decent cafes to work from, have good food, good parks to visit and quirky things to do.
  • Lonely planet guides: Read the guidebooks to see itineraries, where to stay etc. Guidebooks have pre-planned itineraries, that you can just follow.
  • Travel Blogs: Ok, this is not a tool per se, but a good tip. Look for local travel blogs by searching google with ‘<city name> travel blog’
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