The Pursuit of Superiority

I pursue superior things for personal growth – to be better than the next person. There will always be a person who is better than me, there will be always someone who I can look down unto.

I go after more inspiration, more self-discipline, to be a better programmer, to be a better ladies’ man, to be a better meditator, to be a better writer. This pursuit inevitably creates a hierarchy, as Jordan Peterson would say.

Well, I know this too. There are always people above me and below me. And I will never stop that as long as comparison is the measure.

I am pondering up on this idea of one foot in front of the other. That is the only thing that I have to look at. Am I walking? Not even comparing to myself. Just walking. One foot in front of the other. I don’t stop to evaluate my value based on comparison at all. There is no better. There is just a movement. Where can I walk until?

Morally superior, physically superior, spiritually superior – all has this underlying theme of wanting to feel superior. It is a direct reaction to our feelings of insecurity. Feelings of insecurity is a good thing, it has its place. I can use it to address those insecurities, I can learn a new way of programming, if I feel insecure, I can learn. The problem comes, when things are never enough. Chill the fuck out!

If there were no other human beings on the planet, would you still pursue the things that you pursue now?

You probably won’t, nothing will have the same value as you attach to it now. Because there is no one there to watch you, there is no one there to compare against, etc.

We live on this. Day to day life. Comparing one another. I constantly compare myself to others and get depressed. The image is everything these days. And social media is not helping.

How can we live without comparison? If at all this is possible.


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