Last 3 Months in Review

I have been travelling 3 months now since my last job. Hoping to make some money online. I did not.

To be honest I did not make a lot of effort to make that happen.

One thing that I am proud of though,  is that I have a habit of doing my writing practices in the morning every day.

My new found rhythm of meditating daily and writing daily is making me happy.

Something that was not very healthy

I went out and drank a lot for most of July. I had fun. It also caused me to be tired the next day. I woke up late.

I am stopping drinking for a while now. Let’s see how that will turn out, lets see if I will stick to it.


Developing a habit of socialising is important to me. My normal tendency is to direct my attention inwards and isolate. Then soon I start hating people. So that was one of the priorities. I am very consistent in talking to strangers and making new acquaintances. I am also flirting a little more than before. So that is good.

I am getting more and more confident with approaching women, getting comfortable with it. Though to be really honest, I still feel anxious.

I need to find a way to socialise where there is no alcohol involved. In Lviv everyone drinks, vodka and cherry wine are their favourites.

Dating & Relationships

This is something that I find difficult when travelling. I felt comfortable going to meetups when I was in London and flirt with the women there. This was my main source of casual encounters when I was in London. Never was a bar or club guy. Rather I did not learn how to do it.

Despite that I went on 3 dates when during my stay so far in Ukraine.

Sex life is not that very rich now. I hope it will get better.


None – 🙂


I wrote some articles. I don’t want to count them. I am a bit afraid to count them because I will have to face how less I was working. Lets do it anyway.

July – 6 articles

June – 19 articles (I am impressed)

May – 9 items

Average hours put in writing are really less – I only worked every day for an average of 3 hours I think.

Blog Traffic

May – 56 users – I know, it is so negligible – but hey I started blogging this month.

June – 296 users – 288 new users – Well I did run a paid campaign on Facebook to increase clicks to website.

July – 190 – 177 new users – Well that was organic traffic – After writing articles, I posted them on Facebook and LinkedIn – and some traffic from Instagram, but not much.

Instagram followers at this point is – 200

Pinterest followers – 3

Facebook likes – 181

Well, I think it will be a long way till I get to a point that is useful, I don’t know what figures those are yet.

I am also starting to think that I spent a lot of money in the last 3 months, much more than what I wanted to. I should really have a control over how much I spend.

So, lets, have a look at my spending.



Revolut – £2225

Monzo – £552

Credit Card – £108

Netflix – £7.99

iTunes – £10

Bank charges – £10

Phone – £68.76

Storage – £108

Total spending – £3090

I spend from my Revolut and Monzo cards when travelling. Revolut offers real time exchange rates and I don’t have to go to the currency exchange. It gives me good rates.

Monzo is like revolut, but it is more of a current account now. I would not be using it if revolut did not have a cap on how much money I could withdraw as cash. Currently it is something like £200 per month. Plus monzo allows another free withdrawal of £200 per month too. That more than enough for me when travelling in terms of withdrawing cash.

That is a lot of money that I spent in May. Well, I did make a trip to Chile for my friend’s wedding. That does not include the flights though. Because I bought them much before. Still, it is less that what I would normally spend in London. My revolut and monzo spending alone in April, when I was in London, was £3370 + rent and bills.

So, it is still cheaper than staying in London.


Revolut – £1039

Monzo – £17

iTunes – £24

Shutterstock – £32.00

Netflix – £10

Credit Card – £108

Mobile – £21

Microsoft – £6

Spotify – £10

Storage – £109

Total Spending – £1376

In June, the spending has come down drastically. This is including accommodation and eating out 3 meals a day – plus drinks and fun.

I stayed for 3 weeks in Kiev, Ukraine. That brought down the costs down a lot.


Revolut – £808

Monzo – £129

Spotify – £10

Storage – £109

iTunes – £12

Credit Card – £108

Bank Charges – £30

Phone – £19.80

Microsoft – £6

Skype – £20

Storage – £117.84

Spotify – £10

Total spending – £1370

So, now this pretty much same as the month before. If I can start cooking – I doubt it – and cut down on the drinks, I will be able to bring it down further a little bit.

I still am not making any money online. So hopefully I will start making some in the coming months.

Goals that I had set for me

  1. Make £100 from my blog – failed – I need to increase my sales
  2. Write an eBook – failed

Well that does not look good. At least, I am getting into a routine of getting more disciplined in working.

So, let’s see what August brings me now.

Goals for next month

  1. Well, finish that eBook
  2. Try to make £100 again
  3. Grow an email list

Habits that I got in to

  1. Writing practices every day (Journaling, gratitude inventory and fear inventory)
  2. I am kinder in my inner talk to myself
  3. Writing everyday – For articles on my blog
  4. Meditation everyday
  5. Reading books everyday
  6. Talking to people/strangers everyday

So, I think that is a win. Still worried about money though 😉

Books I read/reading

  1. The Six Pillars of Self-esteem – Nathaniel Brandon
  2. The Magic of Thinking big – David Schwartz
  3. You Are a Badass – Jen Sincero
  4. Think and Grow rich – Napolean Hill
  5. Manual for Living – Epictetus
  6. Self Esteem: fast proven treatment for recovery from low self esteem – Jennifer Alison
  7. The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman
  8. 12 Rules for Life: An antidote to chaos – Jordan B Peterson
  9. Hardcore Self Help – Fuck Anxiety – Robert Duff
  10. Meditations – Marcus Aurelius
  11. Maximum Confidence – Jack Canfield
  12. My Secret Garden – Nancy Friday
  13. Loving What Is: Four questions that can change your life – Byron Katie

That is about 4 books a month – not bad.

Where I will be

Most part of august I will be in Lviv. And then I think Poland. I make plans on very short notice, so it is hard to publish about my travel plans here.

Some options that I am thinking about are Gdansk and Wroclaw.

I am also tempted to go back to London for a short while to make a little bit more money and then continue travelling. If I do that, I am scared that, that is going to fulfil my pattern of not working on one thing long enough. It will be like I am giving up on my blog for now. I will regret it.

If I fail, I will regret that too. So, it is a question of choosing the better regret.

What I learned

Building a blog requires work. And it is teaching me patience.

I am also very anxious in terms of how much money I have remaining to spend. The one voice I hear most often is, “I don’t want to accept the defeat and go back to London”.

To be honest, I contributed to it, I did not work that hard.

I probably need to prioritise things more and focus on one or two things at a time.

And I need to stay committed, writing an eBook means I need to stay focused on that, rather than jumping between tasks.

I noticed that I really don’t like working. No shit! I like the end result, but I am not enjoying the process, which makes me question that if writing and blogging is what I really want to do.

Then again, I would not know, if I don’t see this through.


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