Procrastination & Premature Optimization

Asking questions and seeking solutions, preparation, can be a form of procrastination.

How to solve something – seeing a problem where no problem exists and then trying to solve it.

Do the end thing first. What you want to do after, becoming “something” more this, more that – do the end thing – attempt it now.

Not step by step. Not envision something and get there in steps.

Can you do the end thing now? without the plan.

Can you get your customer? today, not – build a website, create an ad campaign, do that, do this, etc – and then try to get that customer. Can you dial up someone on your phone and try to sell something?

Can you talk to a stranger, woman, man today? not “improve conversation skills”, not “get in shape”, not – “do that, not do this”. Granted, the steps may optimize the end result. But getting bogged down in the steps – the “plan”,  before attempting that “end thing” would be premature optimization.

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