Should I know who I am?

To know oneself!

I think it is a trap. Claiming to know who I am or who I am not. To say I am this way. It shuts off any further progress or investigation.

The problem with this is that – to define me a certain way is that, I am stuck in that small definition of me. It gives me a weird sense of security. My small world. Either positive or negative, it is a small world.

So why the attempt for self-discovery.

“Self-awareness”. Meditating to know oneself. In an attempt to get rid of the self we define the self.

The process probably is just another waste of my time.

Doing random meaningless things gives a sense of progress. The things that we engage in doing, most of them are meaningless, waste of time and energy. Aren’t they? May it be spiritual in nature, may it be a self-help seminar.

Is it the fear of being a nobody? that we rush to define ourselves?

If I don’t think about who I am or who I am not, then I am nothing.

So I set out to discover the true self, with a hidden implication or hope that “the true self” maybe something superior to what I am right now.

Or I set out to define myself as pathetic, secure me in that.

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