Is your fear a fantasy?

Before you start on to overcome your fears, have you questioned, if your fear is an idea or not.

We don’t attempt certain things in our life because of fear. Imagining the fear, and your reaction to it.

So, it is basically your imagination. Right?

You have an excuse that your are afraid. It feels real, I know.

But it is a fantasy. What might happen, based on past experiences.

We fantasize a lot about other things right? But in this case, we fail to acknowledge that the fear is real.

What is happening here.

I think all fears are fantasies. A projection into the future.

The truth is we don’t know what might happen.

We carry the hurt from the past and that causes fear.

It is imperative that we deal with the hurt. The hurt caused by comparison, and valuation. That you did to yourself. And perhaps imprinted by your early childhood.

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