Is Living Worry Free Our Greatest Anxiety?

We try to change our thoughts in the hope that we can affect our emotions. Because we are resistant to feeling fear, anger, sadness, restlessness, agitation, boredom, shame, unworthiness, loneliness etc.

What if you were at more peace with these states of being? Would not that stop you from hating your thoughts so much. Would a negative thought cause so much harm anymore? The harm is not caused by the thought itself. Rather, it is caused by your action of hating yourself. You cannot control hating you for hating you either. That is just how it is. You cannot control any of this. Maybe it is time to wake up to this.

Would not we resign from our lives then? If we were to accept everything, would we make use of our lives? But, is not that another anxious thought again. You are missing every moment

You are not really living because you are always worried about the future, not just you, me too. Us. We are not really living.

Can we just drop all sorts of worrying? Now that causes real anxiety. Because the answer is very unsure. It is irresponsible to drop worrying, right? It takes a great deal of courage to drop that. To do nothing? Does not that make us lazy?


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  1. Lorenza 9th August 2018 at 1:48 pm

    Hi Hashin! You’re right. We can’t live worry free or else we’ll be dead. Its part of living and life will always have obstacles or something to worry about. It helps us be more strategic in planning ahead. But some are programmed to worry way too much and feel like they have no control. That’s the tragedy.

    The future has many possible outcomes and fixating on one is when the worrying starts. Thoughts can’t be stopped but we all have the ability to observe them and to question if they are true. Once you confirm they are false the thought will stop. Because we only think about things that we believe are true. Most thoughts are not true and just our mind’s way of protecting us from possible danger.

    Thank you for being someone sharing their experiences so that others can learn from them. I’m trying to do the same and it’s always nice to see others spreading their wisdom 🙂

    1. Hashin Panakkaparambil 9th August 2018 at 2:37 pm

      Do it, just looked at your blog. Looks real good.


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