Is Fasting not working for me?

Back in 2012 I weighed 85 Kg.

Don’t know what that is in pounds. Can’t be bothered.

I dieted, I was down to 63 kg, in about 8 months.

Firstly I cut out all the sugar. Then I plateaued.

Then I cut out all the carbs, only meat, and seafood. Lost some more weight. Then I plateaued.

Then I tried intermittent fasting. That seemed to have an effect, actually a big effect.

I was down to 63 kg, quick, on intermittent fasting, and I was eating carbs and everything I wanted too on those days (in moderation and no sugar, though).

I gained all that weight back, at 77 now, in 7 years.

I was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes in the summer of 2019. So I thought, I should lose weight again. And I try to reverse the illness.

Everyone is a diabetic in my family. Not a very good relationship with food either.

I have struggled with my weight all my life. In school I was mocked, nothing serious, but still was enough to create a bad body image.

Eating seems to give immense pleasure and as a way to get away from other pains of life. So I ate.

Sugar is mmm. I gained weight.

Also, the cuisine from Kerala, where I am from in India, is heavy on rice. And very carb heavy, rice cakes, steamed rice, that and this.

Every time I went back there, I gained weight. And other health problems.

Living for so long in the UK had adapted my stomach to a lesser level of spiciness, which meant diarrhea quite often when I ate spicy food. And in my family, everything is super spicy. Even before when I was a lame version of an Indian, I could n’t handle a lot of spice.

But I wanted to go, despite the health problems, to see family. Loneliness is another problem being single and an introvert. So food and running back to family is the current solution.

It is a necessity now to lose some weight and improve my insulin sensitivity if I don’t want to make my diabetes worse.

I started a month ago, on intermittent fasting, on 22nd April 2019. Specifically, alternate-day fasting or ADF. Today is the 23 May. I am at 77 down from 80 where I started.

So it is working, but not at the pace that I expected it to like it happened the first time around I did. I remember losing around 6 kilograms in a month the first time around.

Maybe because I slipped the last week, I ate a little bit on the last few fasting days, and I ate too many carbs, like pasta and waffles on feeding days.

I don’t remember fasting being this difficult for me.

I am not able to handle hunger as I could before.

My motivations, are, maybe not that intense and strong anymore. Back in 2012 I wanted to get into shape and get a girlfriend.

Now that motivation is not there anymore. At least not with the same intensity.

I wonder why I value getting a girlfriend more than my health though. Obviously health is more important. Right? For my sake.

Anyway, into the second month of fasting now. I will reduce carb intake and look into hunger suppression on fasting days.

Hunger was okay in the second and third weeks though, no, let me correct that.

I am hungry on fasting days, but when the feeding day comes around I am not that hungry. I wonder what is going on there.


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