We consume information. Whether it is garbage like the social media, gossip or it is the intellectual information, philosophy, knowledge for a skill etc.

We keep on reading and reading and reading, watching one videos after another and it does not simply seem to have an effect on the quality of our living.

Information gives us a false sense of security and an illusion of progress. Reading endless books and attending endless seminars, you may think, you are getting somewhere, but it is only a well-designed trick of the mind to give you an illusion of progress – that you are doing ‘something’ about it – well you are not.

Reading about becoming a good carpenter is not sufficient to be a good carpenter.

But it gives you the apparatus to talk about these things to other people, may be even show off with your knowledge. Does that mean you are good at it, absolutely no. It is obvious that talking about something and doing it are quite different things.

We recognize this in other people, but often fail to recognize within ourselves when we do it ourselves. The hypocrisy.

Words and descriptions are not the real things. Perception of it and having the first-hand contact with what is – that is where any kind of growth happens, in the happening of it not reading about it.

Otherwise you are just repeating what you have always known.

What is known is bound to become your prison. You have your own opinions, conclusions about things. Which makes you rigid. I become defensive about the opinions that I dearly carry with me, which gives me an identity – the opinions are what makes us. Whether it is your opinion, my opinion it does not matter.

We evaluate ourselves based on others and others based on us. Which are the same thing. Your opinions are not yours, someone else have given it to you, when you were a child etc. You have learned it. So you are really others opinions, and others based in those opinions too. So there is only one sea of opinion, there is no separation. You and I are not different.

If you are born a devout Christian you might have strong opinions about how we live than someone who is a Buddhist monk.

Knowledge is being accumulated in order to have the sense of having more, achieving more. Learning more. But is it real growth?

And suddenly you want to do something that you have not tried before, you get afraid because of what you ‘know’.

You are horny and you want sex, but your opinions are in the way. May be by just allowing yourself to have it will make you less bitter towards who does, you get the pleasure, the sluts are safe, and everyone wins.

The more you know, the more you overthink and put off decision making. The less you know is very effective in quick decision making. You don’t need all the pros and cons to choose something. That in itself is what creates the confusion. That analysis is the real paralysis. It is better to know little.

It is mere an excuse not to actually do the thing. The very planning is the padding between you and the action taking place. Because you would rather think about it, and all the ways to be efficient, how to do it – rather than actually doing it.

You are afraid of failure – that is why you are hooked to information. Knowledge is not power. It is in fact prison. I am not saying this is the case always. I need the knowledge of how to catch a bus and get home. I need the knowledge of how to do my job so I can make money. That is being competent. Just reading about it and accumulation of knowledge is not being competent, quite the opposite.

Knowledge has its own place. But to deceive yourself by using the same field and to say you are living your life, and actually living your life are two different things.

The result is always wanting and wanting – and not quite arriving. There begins frustration, then you get angry. But you still want it, read some more books how to do it, half ass it, read some more, may be do it a little bit – it is just endless.


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