How words block us from observing.

We are satisfied with words, explanations.

We see an object and name it, feel an emotion and name it.

Never facing the emotion, or seeing the object.

We name and dismiss, it is an automatic habitual process for most of us.

See a flower, name it so, but never actually look at it. We see the explanation and not the flower.

This is how we lie to ourselves. We have a network of words, and the structure of us created through explantation. We are so and so.

And we don’t really know ourselves. Us, not the description of us.

We need the description for, maybe, security.

Probably want to view us as somebody. To convince ourselves, we are that. The structure, the identity that we have built for ourselves.

We might have done it because, we were afraid, to ward off hurt, to not get hurt.

We would rather believe than look at the hurt. It may be because of that.

Fear, the desire for security causes this structure, perhaps.

Well then we need to look at the fear, but we can’t, or we don’t.

We simply dismiss it by saying ‘I am afraid’ and never face the fear. Is there an observation of the fear without the words. Without bringing up old fears.

Not to meet fear with old fears. But to just see the nature of fear.

What might be causing this? What is at the root of all fear? Thought perhaps. What might be or what might not be? Fear of not amounting to anything.

Why is it that we can’t look at anything mostly, without dismissing and labeling?

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