Long Term Travel Preparation – Handling your belongings

In 2013 I decided to change my lifestyle. The emphasis is on “decided”, going through it all the way through, is another question.

Anyway, one thing that sticked is the travel.

I left my leased apartment in central London, in warren street, and booked a one-way ticket to Thailand.

And I returned after nearly a year of roaming. Did n’t do a plenty lot, went to Thailand, Philippines, India, and back.

All that while I was paying the rent back in London. I shouldn’t have. While the spontaneity of the trip was great, I wouldn’t have done it otherwise, it also cost me a lot.

Seriously! use a self-storage

It never occurred to me that I could have kept my stuff in a self-storage. I was not very well experienced in living.

Anyway, it dawned on me one day. So I have been and am using a storage now.

I use Access self-storage in London. They’re alright. I have been using them since 2014 and I still have the unit. It is a small unit, enough to keep all the essentials like documents and some odd stuff.

I would have needed a much bigger unit, I gave away most of my stuff for free when I returned from my one year trip. Gave my ‘never played’ £700 electric guitar to a barista in Kings cross station, after some small talk, when he said he wanted to buy a new guitar, and I happened to have one.

A lot of things went into garbage, because I didn’t want to bother selling them or giving them away. I could have.


I downsized everything, to a small cabin size backpack that I have been carrying since 2014. Oh wait, it was a samsonite wheelie, until I realized dragging it through unroadworthy roads was a pain.

Now, today, I don’t do constant traveling, because you know, I need money.

I burned through some of my savings for the first trip, at least about £10K for the first trip. It wasn’t a budget trip, it just happened to cost only that much because I was visiting low-cost countries.

And, yes, about needing money, the rest that I had about £150K I burned through by attending numerous personal development seminars, and training to be a coach etc, pretty quickly.

So yes, I need the money now.

So currently my lifestyle is that, I come to the UK, London mainly to work. I work as a programmer, I stay in hotels, and airbnbs for the duration of the work (they are usually 3-6 months). And then I go to a cheap country anywhere between 3-6 months.

It is working out very well.

The next steps is a bit blurry though.

Do I settle down in one place?


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