People often tell me, they don’t know what you want. I have several tools up under my sleeve to put their minds to rest and to give them clarity. Here is another such tool.

An exercise to know what you want

Here is an exercise I use with my friends.

This is a fun one to do as well.

You call up a friend and say I want to do desire discovery with you.

Here’s the framework.

Your friend will ask you ‘What do you want?’

And then you will answer what you want, how much ever superficial or at the surface level it may seem.

And then your friend will ask again ‘What do you want?’ and you answer again, so on and so on.

Each time when you answer try to go a level deeper to answer, you might hit something.

It is also important to say whatever the first thing that comes to your mind. Otherwise you will start filtering and will not fully come out.

It is also important that you do this with a friend who you can relax it with.

If you don’t have a friend that you can chat with at this level, try our community of people who are on the same path as you.

You can also do this with someone who you don’t know that much, who can stay non-judgemental. Sometimes this is more helpful than doing with a friend, because then you don’t have to worry about your friend thinking that you are weird.

You can carry on until you hit something and when you feel clearer in your head. Or until you have exhausted of things that you want. Then you might want to go a level deeper again to find something even more closer to your heart.

Do this for a few days, until you become clearer. Repeat the process.

And one day, you will say. Yes it is clear now this is what I want.

You might discover more than one thing that you want, that is perfect. It might be even different areas of your life, different things that you want in your career, relationships, health etc. etc.