How to immediately change your state using this simple technique

I’m going to tell you a secret today. A secret to how to immediately open your heart center to put you in a positive state to be receptive to the love around you and be loving regardless of what’s going on in your head.

This is a simple breathing technique combined with a visualisation.


Pause for a second when you want a state change. Put your attention on your exhalation. When you feel that you have exhaled completely, pull your stomach in and exhale more and throw all the air out. Throw all air out of your lungs and hold it. Don’t be scared, your body will automatically inhale when you need to inhale. On the inhalation put your attention on your heart center (This is the space in the middle of your chest) and feel it opening up during the inhalation. Imagine a flower opening up in your heart center and with that feel your self love and love for others expanding.

Repeat this 3-5 times.

Take a minute to appreciate how you are feeling, that spaciousness in your mind. Take a moment to familiarise your mind to that feeling. Remember this feeling.

You can try this before going to work, before a meeting or before public speaking, whenever you need a reminder that your circumstances does not define how you feel. You can always choose how to feel.


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