Freedom and expression

We have become obsessed with expressing ourselves.

Find your voice. Express yourself, let your genius shine. I want to throw up when I hear someone say something along these lines.

Freedom is apparently the freedom to do whatever we want. What is freedom? Our freedom is a reaction. I feel suffocated, trapped, oppressed, so I want to lash out and call that freedom. That is merely nothing more than a child’s tantrum. A child’s tantrum has a certain kind of innocence may be. Maybe or you are just an overgrown child.

Free from? Free of? Or just free?

Is it that we have become attached to the idea of freedom. Attached to the word, because it represents some kind of free-living, not being controlled by someone else.

Our freedom, as it currently stands, is out of reaction, so you are still in control, seemingly, in the control of something external. Is there an external power that is controlling you at all? Or we have just invented it, so we can blame someone for being this way, this way that I am or you being the way you are.

Our freedom is not freedom, it is us deluding, entrapping ourselves in our own minds, chasing after something, and calling that freedom. To make us ‘the shit’, ‘the man’, ‘the empowered woman’ – so we all can feel just a bit better about ourselves.

Invent the monsters, the oppressors.

The thing is we have been doing whatever we want all along, but somehow we have convinced ourselves we are doing things that we don’t want. I am here, because of me, my life is my making.

But we are clever, we want our troubles to be someone else’s fault.

Our need to express ourselves, saying things I want, acting however I want, or wanting to do so – is rising from our very feeling that we are not capable of doing so. That is insecurity. And from that insecurity, you finally do so, and we call that freedom. How is that freedom? That is insecurity playing itself out.

You can see this in others, giving over emphasize on one’s feelings, ‘my feelings are important’ – no they are not. You invent your feelings and make them important. The ugliness of that. I have trauma, the most hilarious one is the ‘past life trauma’ people. Of course, people have gone through traumatic events. Actual ‘traumatic events’. But then there are these charlatans, who are traumatized because someone looked at them the ‘wrong way’.

And then they, when challenged, they say ‘you’re belittling my experience’ – it was n’t such a big deal at all in the first place, honey. It is your entitlement talking. – a rather clever way to dress it up as trauma.

Anyway, freedom, is something to think about.


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