Fragmented thoughts

I don’t agree with the early posts on this blog that I’ve written. I cringe when I read them. How could I have been that stupid?

The thing is I am not sure about the things I write, I think and certain things kinda make sense. I write about that. Then again the same thing does not apply to a different area if you know what I mean.

There are inconsistencies in thought, thoughts are fragmented. A thought applies, and appears true in one area, solving one problem, but the same when overlaid on another area of the problem, seems contradictory. I know I am taking in abstractions here. Keep up.

I have compartmentalized. Certain things make sense in one scenario and in another, they are utter bullshit.

Thoughts and conclusions about a situation, they are out of convenience. Whatever is convenient to believe at a given moment, I twist, I explain to impose a rationalization, so I can feel, I have solved something. I can feel secure in that feeling.

That is the very definition of self-deception.

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