Figure out YOUR reasons/excuses you have for not having/doing the things you want.

Address those reasons, if they were really the reasons, and you still want to have that something you would have if the reasons were not there, you would be addressing the reasons that is standing in your way.

If you are not addressing those reasons, that is apparently “in your way”, then it is fairly obvious, they are just mere reasons, presentable ones and you and I know both know that you don’t really want whatever it is that you keep saying that you want, but you keep saying that you can’t.

For example, people say that they want to travel, when someone hears what I do, but they can’t because of this that etc. They don’t really want to do it, but at the same time, they don’t want to feel any less than me for they are not doing it. Maybe they have the image that I am doing what a ‘successful’ person would do.

They don’t want to feel inferior, because the have the capacity to do, right? But they simply can’t do it because of family etc. The thing is, they don’t really want to travel.

If they did they would be addressing it. The so-called reasons. Talk to their spouse, family for such an option. Figure out a way of income that does not tie you to a place. Figure out a way that your kids can go to school on the road. May be home schooling is an option for the period you want to travel.

Nobody is it is going to be easy to get what you want.

What you (and I) want is that we want to get things without the effort, you want the end goal but not the process of it.

You are too comfortable with your way of life, even if you think it is mediocre. Nobody has it a better way. You just need to be smart about it, it is not a question of effort. It is the question of challenging what you already know and enquiring into other ways of living. Do you have to conform? And live the way others do?

And if you are addressing and then you are really wanting to go, lets say, you really want to go.

And you start your journey you have addressed all this, you better make sure that you haven’t left any backdoors through which you can escape to your old ways.

For example, having debt – is one of such things. You say, I will pay the debt later, now let me just travel, but you secretly want to come back and say what you set out on did not work out and you had to pay your debts – so you had to come back.

Such backdoors need to be closed, at least minimised, before you set out to go after whatever you are going after. It is a good form of self-deception without having to admit that you are lying to yourself.


  1. Do you want to have/do the things you say you want or do? If you are not addressing the reasons behind it – you probably don’t want them
  2. Do you just want the end goal, without having it, is it pleasure that you are seeking?
  3. It is not a question of effort, rather challenging your lifestyle and looking for alternatives, maybe you don’t know there are alternatives.
  4. You may just like the comfort and security of a common life, a poor life, a sad life, because it is familiar and is too much effort to feel any other way.

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