So I have been doing this alternate daily fast. 

The intent is to lose weight, I am currently at 75.9 kilograms. When I started doing fasting about 4 weeks ago, I am in my fourth week, when I started I weighed 80 something. 

I am seeing that I am losing about 1 kilogram every week. Granted that the first few kilos would have been just water weight.

More than losing weight, I want to go off my diabetes medications. I am not taking insulin yet, but I don’t really want to progress into that yet. 

Technically I don’t have diabetes according to my doctor since I’ve been controlling my blood sugar with medications, but I don’t think my diabetes has improved, though my blood sugars have been improved. 

I know because, my mon who is a diabetic uses this trick, where she eats sugar and control it by taking in extra insulin. She is just controlling the sugars, the after effect of diabetes.

I plan to hopefully reverse my diabetes, increase my insulin sensitivity, and get my beta cells back into fully functioning state.

Hopefully that will happen as a result of weight loss.

One online measurement told me, based on my BMI my target weight should be 68, whereas another one told me it should be 63 based on my TDEE (I think). I could be wrong.

So I am fasting every other day, sometimes water only fast or consuming under 500 calories a  day. What I have found though is that if I have only water, it is easier to go through the fast.

Because if I take any kind of food during the fast day, my cravings and hunger, both go up, and more times than often I ended up breaking my fast by consuming close to a day’s worth of food in just one sitting, having lost all control. 

I am looking to do just water only fasts now, and I have been successful for a few times now. I still drink black tea.

The next thing would probably to switch to a low carb diet to control the insulin production, thereby controlling how much sugar will be stored as fat. Though I think on the fast day the body will draw the fats from the liver and hopefully other parts for energy. 

But I still want to regulate the carbs intake, I want to reduce my hunger levels and sugar cravings. Fasting seems to help with my hunger (counter-intuitive, I know) and cravings. 

I guess I am just addicted to sugary and starchy foods.

So hopefully I can bring down my ghrelin levels. Another thing would be reducing cortisol. Well, I am a very anxious and stressed out person generally, so that will be a bit challenging. I shall see where that goes.

And hopefully in 2-3 months time I will reach my desired weight of 68 kilos.


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