don’t try

Trying, effort, means distortion. Trying is always a reaction. The motivation is to get away or to get towards. It creates a lot of struggle and turmoil. And you miss the point.

Trying to be kind is not kindness, trying to be courageous is not courage, trying, to be honest, is not honesty. These are struggles violence, fear, and dishonesty.

Such a movement gives you a sense of progress, but it is no progress at all.

Can you act without effort, not as a reaction? Not to get away or get towards? Will the struggle dissolve? In fact, is that the very movement that causes this struggle?

Do not act. I need to be cautious, I need to doubt my motives, to see if they are out of insecurity or action without any motive.

Trying not to try is also trying, our brains are programmed to solve. To try. One thing triggers something and that triggers something else, it is a reaction loop.

In the end, the actions may seem noble or look different, but it is a deception to oneself because all the actions are the same.

Kind people don’t say ‘I need to be kind’ for example. If you do you are not kind. And it can’t be the product of thinking.

There must be a way of living, an art like quality to living, and I don’t mean the sentimentality and the romanticization of art. I mean a balancing act, maybe. Something that is not intentional. Something rather relaxed. Effortless.

Or right living is no action at all. At least not acting from what I think needs to be done ‘in order to’. Action that is not rewarding and punishment-based.

And you can’t manufacture such kind of action. If you stop doing such action that is also a reaction. So what am I to do?

May be ‘I’ don’t have to do anything. Don’t try. Don’t try not to try.

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