Doing nothing

Set an intention – the spiritual teacher said. It is all about intention. Set your intentions before meditation.

that’s when you have to seriously question, whether the so-called spiritual teacher knows anything about meditation.

I know something about meditation. And it is not that.

The intention is a product of thought. And meditation is anything but thought.

Intention creates effort. Because it sets an expectation. A goal to strive towards.

It causes comparison because it is based on time. Every step of the way you have to ask, ‘Shrek, are we there yet’? And then when we learn we’re not there yet, we get frustrated.

No intention setting. No more.

I don’t know what meditation is, let’s just say. But if I know what meditation is certainly not, then I can stop doing the things that are bullshit. And out of that maybe I will know what meditation. The only problem, is me wanting to know the ‘truth’, actuality, meditation is a reaction to my insecurities. So I doubt if I will ever know.

Don’t try! As Mark Manson would say. I agree with that. Trying distorts. Effort distorts perception. More of what does not work does n’t lead to what works. Because the mind only knows what doesn’t work, and we try because of that. To be better. To become something.

Do not intent to become anything. Intelligence may just be, doing nothing. Is it freezing? Is it the freeze in fight, flight or freeze?

  • Fight – I should overcome my fears
  • Flight – That’s not really what I want.
  • Freeze – OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG

It is not freezing.

If there is no intention, why would we even try to know what meditation is?

Then we won’t change? What if in knowing there is no change at all with effort, that is the very change?

We stop needing a change – and that is the very change.

Intentions work well in the field of knowledge. Learning cooking, for example, becoming an engineer. But the accumulation of knowledge does not do a thing for your mental clarity.

Accumulation of knowledge does not require intelligence, it only requires repetition and a good memory. But as knowledge increases, it starts to creep into the psychological realm.  Time, step by step process – repeat – practice, meditation every day for 30 days, that will change you – such kind of thinking.

Intelligence can not be practiced, if it is – then it is not intelligence, it is repetition. It makes you more and more dull, boring, You may be able to do certain things in your sleep because it has even become muscle memory, sort of. But that is not intelligence.

Why pursue anything at all. Including the pursuit of intelligence. Pursuing implies insecurity. I don’t feel secure in my sense of self, so I want to become, so I set intentions, goals and the whole circus.

It comes down to security.

Then the question is what is security. Why don’t we feel secure?

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