Dealing With Travel Fears – Here Is A List Of My Fears

When it comes to dealing with travel fears, there is mostly one thing that you can do.

It is to travel.

As with anything, overcoming a fear usually involves with engaging with the fear directly.

And how you do one thing, is how you do everything. This is why I love to use travel as my personal transformation too.

Each day I am getting more and more confident, in the following areas. I can say I am a lot different than from where I started off, 4 years ago.

Dealing with Travel Fears – My List

When it comes to travelling, each one of us have different fears.

I had to face a lot of fears when I started travelling. I am also continuously facing these one by one.

Hopefully you can relate to me in some ways.

I am learning to belong everywhere, I have come to an understanding that belonging is created by self acceptance. The level of self acceptance I feel determine the level of belonging I feel.

So Here’s the list

  1. Getting physically assaulted – I am thinking of doing a martial arts course for this.
  2. Going to Jail
  3. Getting mugged
  4. Dying
  5. Getting into an accident
  6. Running out of money
  7. Ending up on the road
  8. Social anxiety, feeling like an outsider
  9. Fear of feeling uncomfortable
  10. Being kidnapped
  11. Running out of money and not being able to return to my family in India
  12. Losing the career that I built for the last 13 years

What are yours? Comment below.

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