Deal with facts

Fact: I am afraid

Non fact: I should be courageous

Why do we deal with something illusory all the time? We’re afraid, we create an idea of courage and say I should be courageous.

Here, fear is the only fact. The idea of courage is not facing fear. It is turning away from fear.

To find an answer to a problem, the problem must be a fact, I feel. You cannot work with fiction.

If you resolve to solve fiction, you will get a fictional answer, a superficial one, which has no real meaning to you.

I am angry – that is a fact

I am a hypocrite – that is a fact

Then the next logical thing to do is to investigate the anger and the hypocrisy, and not create abstract ideas about it.

We need to understand the structure of it, and not act.

Acting upon is almost always, not looking at the fact.

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