Why Courage is an idea and a Myth

Courage is an idea, so is fearlessness. In the now, it is just now.

I can guess what you are thinking. Hash is saying another obscure thing. Let me go into a little bit.

Courage is an idea created by comparison. Measurement through thoughts. How courageous are you compared to another? Same with fearlessness how afraid are you compared to someone else.

That measurement is the sense of ‘I’. The Ego. Not just in the common use of the word, which is ego equals pride. It is also operating when there is any kind of comparison, which is, for most of us, always. We don’t even know that we are talking to ourselves mostly.

So, if you were to ask, how you are to become courageous, that will not be the appropriate question to ask. Because you want to become an idea you have as ‘courageous’

And that idea is given to you, by others, society and so on. They might have told you that in order to do something you need courage when you were younger.

Or you have to become formidable, competitive. All these value judgements are measurements, against something, an ideal or a role model or an authority. Or someone who apparently has it all figured out.

Here is the kicker, if you pay attention, if you can pay attention to your thoughts now, there are certain gaps when thoughts are not operating, there is just the sensation of something that is coming into your conscious field before it gets identified by a thought. ‘That must be anger’, ‘I am angry’, ‘I am depressed’, ‘I am happy’ and so on. These thoughts, these measurements create the sense of ‘I’, that is where do you stand among others, where do you fit in. That is what is referred to as “sense of worth”, “self-esteem” and so on.

Whatever you call it, it is created by the measurement through identification.

So, in the gaps where there is just sensation and then a thought comes, is it fair to say the thought is just another appearance, with no more authority than the sensation itself.

Usually, the thought assumes authority and says ‘this must be anger’ or sadness.
If you pay attention, isn’t thought just as fleeting as a sensation? It appears and goes, you can’t hold on to a thought any longer than you can hold onto a pleasant sensation. You can’t avoid a sensation no more than you can a thought. They just come and go from our conscious field.

So, what is the need to give thoughts this special treatment? Because there is another thought that says, ‘I must find meaning’ or some version of that. It is only further thinking which is fuelled by the need for security – you have a sense of security in trying to find the meaning, in the repetition of things. So, in reality, your need for security is causing your misery.

Sensations and thoughts are transient. Courage is an idea, so is fearlessness, both are thought created.

When there is direct perception without the translation through words, which is identification you are in contact with the actual ‘NOW’. In that contact – when there is no identification, there is neither fear nor courage, it is just direct contact. Simple.

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