Death is a stop to continuity. Physically, the organism dies.

Why are we frightened of this ending of continuity? We as we know it cease to exist. The memory of who I am, cease to exist. We will be nothing.

The possibility of ending of the sense of self causes anxiety.

My job is continuous, at least we think it is continuous, the possibility of getting fired causes the same anxiety, another continuous state possibly/potentially coming to an end.

Continuity is based in the past the present and the future. We want to sustain the past into the present and project into the future, that is our continuity.

Being present means death.

There is no abstraction of an idea from the fact when we are present to the moment. There is only the present, there is no memory interfering with the fact that is the present in the form of opinions – fears, words, symbols, images of the mind – which are sprung from the memory.

We want to sustain pleasure, I feel happy now and I want to hold on to it, the more I try to hold on to it, the more it slips away.

The pleasure of sex, I wish it doesn’t end, go on a little longer, in that struggle we lose touch with reality and start to pursue the ‘idea’ of pleasure or happiness rather than the actual sensation.

The actual sensation dies in itself at the moment there is no continuity.

When something is sustained, a sensation is sustained, it is sustained by thought, and it is not the fact, actuality anymore, you are worshiping your own thoughts.

The same way in personal relationships, we are worshipping our thoughts, not the actual other, we worship what we see the other to be, which are presented to us in the form of our own thoughts. We fail to recognize this. In such a relationship, that is continuous, we give importance to us because it is our thoughts, not the fact.

We think we love the other, but we really are in love with our thoughts.

There is no relationship at all.

Attachment causes this continuity. Wanting to hold on, wanting more of what you once had, not wanting something to stop.


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