I say coaching is unnecessary, because no one can induce change, that you have to find out for yourself, what change means to you.

Let’s establish what coaching means.

I coach not to help but to declutter the noise. I can point out failures in sanity.

How do I coach?

Do I help people? No. Not in the traditional sense. I don’t give you psychological knowledge, tell you how to see things, tell you how to feel, how one should or not feel.

I drill down.

You say something. I call bullshit or say that makes sense. I gather more information.

I don’t coach for you to take action.

I coach to clarify things that are not relevant, that are untrue. That block you from moving.

And then you say some more. Bring out the things that keep you repeating the same things again and again, like a hamster on a wheel.

These things may be stupid, you may know they are already, but you don’t do anything about it. You wonder, ‘why don’t I?’, ‘Why don’t I change, I know that is not going to work’, Don’t I have the capacity to deal with it?

We drill down together. Or discard the causes altogether, so what is needed for you and what you value in life can come to light.

I help, in the sense that to discard the garbage, the clutter, the confusion – so you move more and more away from what is not working for you and potentially towards what works for you.

You may find, what you thought you wanted is not what you want, that it is something entirely different. But you may not want to accept that because that may mean a hundred and eighty degrees turn in your life.

So, you say, we discuss, I challenge, we drill down together, rationally. Seeing what is for what is. Letting your problems tell their stories.

If this makes sense, and coaching is what you want, get in to touch by filling out the form.

It will let me have your contact details and save some time in assessing your predicament.

I will then send you an appointment scheduling link to arrange a free call to understand more specifically what it is that you want. It is FREE!

Students get a massive 75% discount. Just sayin!

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