How To Instantly Improve Your Connectivity On The Road

I was searching for ways that I can use when I was going to travel to Chile. Because I did not have a plan I could use with the EE network that I am on contract with in London.

Then I came across this app.

This app is very cool, because it shows you all the spots near you, in a city where there is Wi-Fi available. It is basically a crowd-sourced app where users who use a Wi-Fi submit its password, and the app makes it available to the other users of the app.

You should have it if you plan to travel without data.

I would not say it is 100% accurate, some of the passwords are outdated, but still highly effective.

My favourite thing about the app is that, it automatically connects to a Wi-Fi if you turn on the location capabilities to run in the background when you are not using the app. I am an iPhone user, so the settings might be a bit different on an android.

I highly recommend it Wi-Fi Map.

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Best Travel Apps To Save Time And Money

Apps can make your travel experience even better. Here is a list of best travel apps that you can use.

Some of them are not necessarily travel only apps, but extremely useful for a traveller.

Best Travel Apps

Destination Information

  1. Culture Trip
  2. Triposo
  3. Tripit
  4. guides
  5. Lonely Planet

Itinerary creation

  1. Google Trips
  2. Triposo

Money exchange

  1. Revolut
  2. Monzo
  3. Xe


  1. Uber
  2. BlaBlaCar


  1. Tinder
  2. Bumble

Meeting people

  1. Meetup
  2. Couchsurfing
  3. Eventbrite
  4. Tinder
  5. Backpackr


  1. iMessage
  2. Whatsapp
  3. Viber
  4. Facebook Messenger


  1. Google Maps
  2. HereWeGo

Offline Maps

  1. Google Maps
  2. HereWeGo


  1. Google Translate


  1. DuoLingo
  2. Babbel

Hotel Booking

  2. Agoda
  3. HotelsTonight


  2. HostelWorld

Free accommodation

  1. Couchsurfing


  2. Airbnb


  2. Kayak
  3. Skyscanner
  4. Momondo
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