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How to Plan a Trip to Venice (The One in Italy): Ultimate Travel Guide

Despite all the photographic evidence, Venice feels like a mystical city we’ve cooked up. Clusters of Italian islands are bridged in a stunning patchwork of canals and floating stone. No wonder it’s such a well-loved travel destination! This guide will easily help you plan a trip to Venice to enjoy this beautiful City. The lack of roads is fascinating; apart from pedestrian bridges, travel is…

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Day 2 in Timisoara

On the second day in Timisoara. I am still busy setting up this blog. I am trying to organise this thing. What to write about and what specifically to write. Right now, I can say I like travelling, I like venturing into digital nomadism, and test this out. The life that I keep hearing about but never kind of completed it. I start it and…

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