83 Simple Tips on Traveling for Those Who Want to Travel Like a Pro

I have been traveling on and off since 2012 now and here are some quick tips on traveling for you to try out.

I have never traveled for the love of traveling, well, in the beginning, I had this image of feeling fresh, joyful and adventure in my head – an idea of how I wanted to feel. But it was really to cure my social anxiety and get more confidence, etc. Also, I found out after reading Tim Ferriss’s book traveling was cheaper than staying home in London.

But in that process, I did learn how to travel well, at least not badly.

So, these are my tips on traveling for you whatever your motivations are, whether it is for a short holiday, or to travel long term, try out that digital nomad lifestyle that everyone is talking about, or even if it just to escape the depressing world back home for a short while.

As they say, the majority of life’s problems are caused by misinformation or no information. With the right knowledge, life becomes simpler – in this case, travel.



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Tallinn Experience – My Trip To Estonia

Estonia was part of a trip with a friend of mine. We met a few years learning how to pick-up women back in 2015. Since then we stayed connected though haven’t necessarily “picked up” women. This was a trip to re bond and have a good time, and good time we had, indeed.

I am not a sight seer usually, nor is he. So, don’t expect me to share 10 things to see in Tallinn in Estonia.

But the ones that I do are usually the walking tours in every city. We went to the local bars, visited local coffee shops and walked around this small city a lot.

On a rainy day we set out to meet some people around the malls in Tallinn, the first day was a disaster, it was raining, cold and there were not many people in around the malls, at least that is the impression that we got. We were only starting to get to know the city.

On our first day, we checked into our Airbnb. The host was extremely detailed and even told us “this […]

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Day 2 in Timisoara

On the second day in Timisoara.

I am still busy setting up this blog. I am trying to organise this thing. What to write about and what specifically to write.

Right now, I can say I like travelling, I like venturing into digital nomadism, and test this out. The life that I keep hearing about but never kind of completed it. I start it and then run out of money or loose motivation and then I compel myself to go back to being a boring programmer in front of the screen.

Well this time, it feels different.

I badly want to make this work. Probably not the best mindset for this, but a mindset nonetheless.

I worked mostly on the blog.

I wanted to get cracking so I went to the same place that I had breakfast yesterday. Neața Omlette Bistro. I had a bagel.

I am using this blog currently to document what I am doing and how I am doing stuff mainly.

Also to provide some insights into how I travel and something that can be useful for you. I am trying to be transparent here because I want you to understand the process of […]

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