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I should be doing something. that is what I am thinking. I am uncomfortable when I am not doing anything. Then again I am uncomfortable doing something when I don’t know the outcome of that something. How do I balance this? Do I need to balance this? What is the question here? What is the problem? What is the root cause? Surely it must be…

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don’t try

Trying, effort, means distortion. Trying is always a reaction. The motivation is to get away or to get towards. It creates a lot of struggle and turmoil. And you miss the point. Trying to be kind is not kindness, trying to be courageous is not courage, trying, to be honest, is not honesty. These are struggles violence, fear, and dishonesty. Such a movement gives you…

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Death is a stop to continuity. Physically, the organism dies. Why are we frightened of this ending of continuity? We as we know it cease to exist. The memory of who I am, cease to exist. We will be nothing. The possibility of ending of the sense of self causes anxiety. My job is continuous, at least we think it is continuous, the possibility of…

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