How to Meet People When Traveling – Apps, Tips, Anxiety

When you travel, this question must have crossed your mind. You travel to meet new people, for new experiences and so on. You left because you were not having enough sex or you want some anonymity in doing so – so you travel. You travel because you want to “find yourself”. You travel because you are lonely.

You are just “making friends” when actually you are looking for some romantic interaction. Someone who likes the things you like, which is to travel. To have a girlfriend or a boyfriend who you can travel with. With whom you can take pictures with and post on Instagram – so you feel that you are having an awesome life. All this.

Nowadays, with technology you can create relationships however superficial or meaningful. But meeting is the first step. There are several apps that you can use to meet people.

Use couchsurfing app to meet locals and travellers. You can use the hangouts section, enter what you want to do and wait for responses. Or you can request to join other hangouts that is happening. […]

Top Books To Read

Books play an important role in the learning process. They are also a one stop shop for helpful information without having to search for it all over the internet.
Here’s my top books to read recommendations.

Courage And Self Esteem

The subtle art of not giving a fuck – Mark Manson
Maximum confidence – Jack Canfield
Hardcore self-help – Robert Duff
The four agreements – Don Miguel Ruise
Thinking fast and slow – Daniel Kahneman
Braving the wilderness – Brene Brown
Developing self compassion
Radical self acceptance
Beyond fear – A toltec’s guide to freedom
The 5 second rule – […]

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