22 Reasons Why You Fail in Relationships

Some relationship advice now. I am not a relationship expert by any means. I have some experience in coaching people on relationships before. I have taken numerous courses around this subject, even got married for two months (fake) to try out what marriage feels like. Now, it is not the real deal but it is something.

These are my observations in my own relationships and my friends, my clients, stuff I have read in books and I thought, ‘that is actually true’. Take them as my opinions and hopefully, you can relate. I have tried a lot the bullshit out there, taking one course after another only to realize they are all the same – different forms – ideologies, but the same nonetheless.

To navigate your relationship, you have to spend some energy into what works for you, for that self-awareness and attention are necessary to see what is going around you and in the person you are in a relationship with.

Here I am only trying to give some pointers to the nature of relationships that I have observed in my journey so […]

No one likes a doormat

No one likes a doormat, right? I mean a person who allows others to walk all over him or her. I’m talking more specifically about men in relating to women. Have a spine already, right?

Have your own opinions. Don’t blindly agree to everything she says. Or to anyone. Other men too. Be a light onto yourself. Be your own authority. Make up your own rules. As an adult you can own up to do that.

Doormat people are that way because they believe that if they disagree or rock the boat, they will not be loved. They will lose the love they have already. But the love you have now, is that real love. Isn’t the other person same as you trying to own you – have no respect for you. That is not love brother. Or sister.

Not only in relationships, but in any relationships, it is important to have a spine. To disagree, to get angry etc.

There is nothing wrong with showing anger. In fact, you will be less angry if you listen to yourself. […]

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