No one likes a doormat

No one likes a doormat, right? I mean a person who allows others to walk all over him or her. I’m talking more specifically about men in relating to women. Have a spine already, right?

Have your own opinions. Don’t blindly agree to everything she says. Or to anyone. Other men too. Be a light onto yourself. Be your own authority. Make up your own rules. As an adult you can own up to do that.

Doormat people are that way because they believe that if they disagree or rock the boat, they will not be loved. They will lose the love they have already. But the love you have now, is that real love. Isn’t the other person same as you trying to own you – have no respect for you. That is not love brother. Or sister.

Not only in relationships, but in any relationships, it is important to have a spine. To disagree, to get angry etc.

There is nothing wrong with showing anger. In fact, you will be less angry if you listen to yourself. […]

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Rejecting all authority

I need to reject all authority in order to grow. The authority of knowledge and experience. The authority of the so-called experts. Find out things for myself. I have been dependent on books and workshops for a long time.

It was merely an escape from the responsibility of finding things out for myself. Now that I am starting to understand what it means to reject authority, I am feeling lighter and secure. The reality of security and not the imagined security of status, recognition etc.

I am not popular, but I am getting free.

I am disliked but I am free.

People judge me, but that is up to them. That is none of my business. Selfishness really is selflessness.

Wanting to be loved, recognised, appreciated – that is in the way of being okay with myself. The whole construct of me is just a bunch of opinions that are recorded in reaction to others around me. Time to find out what it really means to be me.

I reject the idea of meaning of life and […]

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I lie to you because you are too sensitive… and other bullshit

I have heard this a few times.

The first time it was a friend of mine to another. He said, I can’t tell anything to you truthfully, you are too sensitive. So, I have to lie. He thinks he is protecting her. Poor guy. He is protecting himself by not wanting her upset. He does not want to be the bad guy. But inherently by lying to her constantly, he is in a bad behaviour. He is using her sensitivity as an excuse. If anything, I know, people do things because of themselves.

I have been truthful in my relationships, fairly truthful. I have found truth and honesty is not what the other wants. It is hearing what they want to hear. Relationships are a way to boost one’s own ego. The man boosts his ego from his woman and the woman from the man. Women are more selfish than men, even if it is marketed otherwise. Maybe it is a survival thing. Love is getting taken care of these days, it seems.

So, to my point, sensitivity, or being perceived as sensitive can lead other people to lie to you, […]

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Are we all mentally ill?

We all are. None of us have access the actuality of the things. Only thought described version of things. And then we make more conclusions based on any previous neurotic memory and conclusions.

Our thoughts create the reality around us. Reality is not actuality. Everything is so real and vivid to you because thought says so. But that does not mean they are actual.

Our brains have the capacity to filter out anything that it does not important and get obsessed with things that it deems important even if they are not in actuality.

There are studies done on this.

The Gorilla experiment where you put a gorilla into a scene, a video that is being played to the participants, they totally miss the Gorilla, because the were nudged in a different direction with a different question. Something like that.

And then there is the Rubber hand experiment, where the brain confuses the rubber hand to be the actual hand.

Some might say, our reality – our perception of the world is a […]

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The Pursuit of Superiority

I pursue superior things for personal growth – to be better than the next person. There will always be a person who is better than me, there will be always someone who I can look down unto.

I go after more inspiration, more self-discipline, to be a better programmer, to be a better ladies’ man, to be a better meditator, to be a better writer. This pursuit inevitably creates a hierarchy, as Jordan Peterson would say.

Well, I know this too. There are always people above me and below me. And I will never stop that as long as comparison is the measure.

I am pondering up on this idea of one foot in front of the other. That is the only thing that I have to look at. Am I walking? Not even comparing to myself. Just walking. One foot in front of the other. I don’t stop to evaluate my value based on comparison at all. There is no better. There is just a movement. Where can I walk until?

Morally superior, physically superior, spiritually superior – all has this underlying theme of wanting to feel superior. […]

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Information is prison

We consume information. Whether it is garbage like the social media, gossip or it is the intellectual information, philosophy, knowledge for a skill etc.

We keep on reading and reading and reading, watching one videos after another and it does not simply seem to have an effect on the quality of our living.

Information gives us a false sense of security and an illusion of progress. Reading endless books and attending endless seminars, you may think, you are getting somewhere, but it is only a well-designed trick of the mind to give you an illusion of progress – that you are doing ‘something’ about it – well you are not.

Reading about becoming a good carpenter is not sufficient to be a good carpenter.

But it gives you the apparatus to talk about these things to other people, may be even show off with your knowledge. Does that mean you are good at it, absolutely no. It is obvious that talking about something and doing it are quite different things.

We recognize this in other people, but often fail to recognize within ourselves when we do […]

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Figure out YOUR reasons/excuses you have for not having/doing the things you want.

Address those reasons, if they were really the reasons, and you still want to have that something you would have if the reasons were not there, you would be addressing the reasons that is standing in your way.

If you are not addressing those reasons, that is apparently “in your way”, then it is fairly obvious, they are just mere reasons, presentable ones and you and I know both know that you don’t really want whatever it is that you keep saying that you want, but you keep saying that you can’t.

For example, people say that they want to travel, when someone hears what I do, but they can’t because of this that etc. They don’t really want to do it, but at the same time, they don’t want to feel any less than me for they are not doing it. Maybe they have the image that I am doing what a ‘successful’ person would do.

They don’t want to feel inferior, because the have the capacity to do, right? But they simply can’t do it because of family etc. The […]

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The yearning to do the right thing, to live the right way – Why do we have that?

May be religion has something to do with it. Do the right thing and then you will go to heaven. I am not a religious person though. So why. To be a good person. To be loved. Do the right thing so I will be loved. And if they don’t it is their loss. To give me a sense of personal importance that others fail to recognise.

The underdog feeling. Only I know that I am great, anyone who fails to recognize it is a fool.

May be. Or may it be the sheer unwillingness to change. That I have accepted the fate that I was born into a certain condition and there is nothing that I can do about it. I am doubting the validity of that premise. Because, you know, I am not sure.

I want to change – at the same time I believe change is not possible. There is no free will. I literally can’t choose what I am going to think the next moment. How can I plan my entire life, if I am at the mercy of my knowledge and memories?

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Arguing is OK

I had a rather interesting argument today.

I had booked a double bed in Best western hotel in Nottingham. I had 6 nights booked. I realised that when I started settling into the room, that the double bed is, in fact, two beds joined together.

Normally, I would just accept it. I am not the guy who rock the boat usually. I am too chill sometimes. This time, I was furious. I had paid about £500 for 6 nights and I had booked a double room.

I went down and talked to the receptionists there. I told them it is deception (scam was the word that I wanted to use) that they put double room on the listing and then give me two single beds joined. They said ‘all the beds’ are like that. I argued, you should not put it as a double room then. To which she said, it is the size of the double room that is why it is double room.

According to her logic, if she had put a single bed in a double room, that […]

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Tallinn Experience – My Trip To Estonia

Estonia was part of a trip with a friend of mine. We met a few years learning how to pick-up women back in 2015. Since then we stayed connected though haven’t necessarily “picked up” women. This was a trip to re bond and have a good time, and good time we had, indeed.

I am not a sight seer usually, nor is he. So, don’t expect me to share 10 things to see in Tallinn in Estonia.

But the ones that I do are usually the walking tours in every city. We went to the local bars, visited local coffee shops and walked around this small city a lot.

On a rainy day we set out to meet some people around the malls in Tallinn, the first day was a disaster, it was raining, cold and there were not many people in around the malls, at least that is the impression that we got. We were only starting to get to know the city.

On our first day, we checked into our Airbnb. The host was extremely detailed and even told us “this […]

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