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Care for fear

When we look at our fear with attention, without the past recognition of fear, look at the feeling of it. There is great care. That attention perhaps brings about a certain sense of care towards fear, and perhaps love towards fear. I am not talking about ‘self-love’, which is stupid in my opinion. I am not talking about cultivating anything. I am talking about attending…

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Can you stay with the feeling?

Can you stay with the sensations of your fear, anger, or sadness? Any investigations, further may be a deviation from the fact of fear and anger. The fact of the now. Past projections into the future, one carrying the past memory. Can you look at the feeling, there is an intensity in the watching, a resistance, can you watch the resistance? Are there any verbal…

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How words block us from observing.

We are satisfied with words, explanations. We see an object and name it, feel an emotion and name it. Never facing the emotion, or seeing the object. We name and dismiss, it is an automatic habitual process for most of us. See a flower, name it so, but never actually look at it. We see the explanation and not the flower. This is how we…

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