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Is Fasting not working for me?

Back in 2012 I weighed 85 Kg. Don’t know what that is in pounds. Can’t be bothered. I dieted, I was down to 63 kg, in about 8 months. Firstly I cut out all the sugar. Then I plateaued. Then I cut out all the carbs, only meat, and seafood. Lost some more weight. Then I plateaued. Then I tried intermittent fasting. That seemed to…

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So I have been doing this alternate daily fast.  The intent is to lose weight, I am currently at 75.9 kilograms. When I started doing fasting about 4 weeks ago, I am in my fourth week, when I started I weighed 80 something.  I am seeing that I am losing about 1 kilogram every week. Granted that the first few kilos would have been just…

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