Why You should not ‘Cultivate’ Self Love To Overcome Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety can not be done by practicing courage or self-love. You are just merely setting yourself up for another ideal and inviting more anxiety

The thing about practice.

Practice makes your brain dull. You can master a certain skill by repeating it, even make it unconscious, a muscle memory to do a certain task. But it makes your brain dull. There is no newness.

So much tension and tightness around the whole process.

There is some sort of conforming, disciplining to do a thing. A level of condemnation. Forcing your mind.

But are you really practicing what you want to practice when it comes to internal matters to the mind? Skills like being a good doctor or a carpenter, that takes time and repetition. But when it is inwards, say when you are afraid, can you really practice courage? for example.

Every time when you practice being courageous, that is saying that I am afraid, so I am trying to be courageous. That is not courage but a mere reaction to fear. I am still in fear.

I’ve been hurt, so I will stand tall, grab the universe by the balls, love myself, […]

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Today I forgive my father.

Today I forgive my father.

He was abusive to me. He taught me great things, he taught me how to be resilient, how to be strong in the face of adversity. I’m grateful to him. I also doubt that I might be forgiving him when I don’t want to. I don’t care, I forgive him. It is my choice.

Do you know why? I understand him. It hit me, that he was a really emotional being who had the pressure of being a man. I understand this. He must have felt stupid. He must have felt not loved, not loved by mom, not loved by his own kids. I’m sorry. I had no idea. I understand now. I understand you.

I understand how you must have felt when you felt you could not look after your family. I understand how you must have felt like a bad person. You must have had no clue. We did not make it easy for you. I am […]

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