Best Domain Name Generators: 15 Tools That Will Actually Make Your Domain Names Better

Want to smoothen the domain name selection process for your blog or website? Here, I am going to talk about the best domain name generators that I know of.

What is a domain name generator?

A domain name generator is simply a tool that helps you generate domain names for the keywords that you give it. 

To use these tools you need keywords. These are words that you use a foundation to generate domain name ideas. Pick a few keywords that will be relevant to the content that you are going to put out on your website/blog/service. More on how to pick these keywords are in this article here

A generator will then use these keywords and suggest you with a list of potential domain names that you can use for your website. 

Here, I am going to give you some domain name generators that I like.

They are not in any particular order.

I value simplicity in using a tool but at the same time, a tool should not be just basic.

So without further ado,

Best domain name generators

1. […]

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How to choose a blog name? 17 Effective Ways to Name Your Blog

How to choose a blog name?

Choosing a blog name right is important when starting a blog. You need to put some thought into it. Once it becomes a brand, it is very difficult to change your blog’s name. Changing it later down the line has a lot of serious implications. It will affect your branding, search engine ranking and so the traffic to your blog. So it is important that you put some time into figuring out what your blog name will be.


You want to start a blog.

And now you are figuring out the name for your blog.

Do you think all the best domain names are taken? 

There’s still plenty of ways to get creative and decide on a perfectly good domain name.

But remember we are not aiming for the perfect domain name, but an appropriate domain name. 

Let’s look at a few things to consider when choosing your domain name.

1. Think long term

What is your intention with the blog? 

Do you intend to make money with your blog? Or you just want to share your opinions on […]

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Digital Ocean for WordPress Hosting Review

When it comes to choosing a hosting service for a wordpress blog, the usual responses are Bluehost or Siteground. Well, This blog is hosted on Digital Ocean. I chose digital ocean because of its simplicity and speed in setting up a wordpress blog. Also, it was a bit more appealing to me given my programming background. But don’t be fooled. You don’t need any specific tech skills to host a wordpress site on digital ocean.

It is easy.

Droplets – dedicated server

Digital Ocean offers something called as droplets to work with, they are like small virtual computers in the cloud. You have an entire machine for yourself. This does not mean there is a physical machine for you. But rather a virtual machine that is dedicated only to you. No one else is sharing that machine with you.

You are free to create a new droplet and destroy it at your will.

Droplets come in two flavours standard and CPU optimised. For a blog similar to this only needs a standard droplet. CPU optimised droplets help do intensive computational jobs.

Signing up and plans

How much you pay for your hosting depends on how you configure your droplets. The basic droplet […]

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