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Deal with facts

Fact: I am afraid Non fact: I should be courageous Why do we deal with something illusory all the time? We’re afraid, we create an idea of courage and say I should be courageous. Here, fear is the only fact. The idea of courage is not facing fear. It is turning away from fear. To find an answer to a problem, the problem must be…

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Fear of stupidity in meditation and relationships

We are afraid to be stupid or to appear to be stupid. Because of this, we are afraid to fail, and attempt things that can’t be well controlled. We plan for failures. We’re bringing the past failures and accounting for that in this planning, and that way repeating the same pattern. Planning is basically this. To re-create something already known, using the methods to avert…

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Care for fear

When we look at our fear with attention, without the past recognition of fear, look at the feeling of it. There is great care. That attention perhaps brings about a certain sense of care towards fear, and perhaps love towards fear. I am not talking about ‘self-love’, which is stupid in my opinion. I am not talking about cultivating anything. I am talking about attending…

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