What is this blog about?

So, I am a programmer, right?

And I have been doing it for a long time.

It is a 9-5 job. I am lucky when I get a remote contract, that allows me to travel and work from anywhere in the world.

Here is my current lifestyle.

I contract with several companies for a duration of 3-6 months at a time and then travel for the rest of the year. I have been doing this since 2013.

Now I want something different. I want an online income, ditching the boss completely.

Also, I am facing my own heavy psychological conditioning and fear that holds me back from doing all that.

This blog is a log of my journey in all that.

  • Travel
  • Creating financial independence.
  • To think for myself an ignore the jargon out there.
  • Creating an online income


Content here is a mix of personal experience and research.

Here you can read about me trying stuff and […]

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A little story about my own depression, what I can tell you to get out of it!

My first depression was when I was sent to boarding school. I felt abandoned by my parents, thought they only cared about having me scoring good grades and becoming an engineer or doctor.

I didn’t feel useful. I think that was the main cause of it. I felt useless. I resorted to violence and an inflated self importance to get attention. I was good challenging people though, I had caused chaos in my college, got expelled from two schools, though I was a top scorer. My grades fell eventually. I felt useless. I fell sick with migraines and I had to remove myself from noises and light and was very angry.

I think the lack of the feeling that were useful is at the source of it. My household was not a supportive environment. There was a lot of domestic violence, I got a lot of it. At that point also there were a lot of family disputes as well between my father and his brothers. So was in the middle of their fights with axes and iron rods and shit! This was my normal life. So it did not help much not getting depressed.

There were a […]

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Welcome to my blog, Celebrate Your Being!

I’m glad you’re here.

My name is Hash, I was born in India now a traveller. I spent the last 13 years in London working as a software developer on and off, mostly on. 4 years ago, I was not really satisfied with the life that I had at the time. It was not long hours or anything like that. I have hit a growth point where I could not move any further in that job. Also I was very lonely at that time.

Travelling the world and experiencing new things sounded like a good idea.

Hash digital nomad

Change moment and inspiration

Coming from India, I had not actually learned how to have a dating life and how to relate to women, especially in the western world. So I set off on a journey to reclaim my sexuality. Boy, I’ve learned a lot.

From having several relationships to casual encounters, the fear still persists. There is something deep that is restless inside me.

That journey included a lot of travelling and staying in several sex positive communities etc.

Exposure to another Lifestyle

Also what happened was I discovered a lifestyle that a lot of people […]

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Why I Travel

I travel because I am too restless to stay in one place.

Some people call it running away from from life, as if they have any idea about how life should be.

No one knows, you’re free to do what you want, it is your life.

Though the spiritual superiority of these people irritate me.

May be I feel the same way towards them. May be I am spiritually superior.

I want to improve the quality of my lifestyle

Ever since I read Tim Ferriss’s 4 hour work week, it disrupted my psyche.

The content of the book made a lot of sense in its simplest terms. I questions a lot of things in the traditional ways.

It has a lot practical step on how to do it, travelling seemed like an option where I can have a higher quality of life, right now. Without having to wait to save up a lot of money before I do.

I want freedom to travel, not because I like travelling. I want to enjoy the best things that I can have right now.

I don’t want to save enough for retirement and then go on a holiday. That is not a very good […]

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