Can you stay with the feeling?

Can you stay with the sensations of your fear, anger, or sadness?

Any investigations, further may be a deviation from the fact of fear and anger.

The fact of the now. Past projections into the future, one carrying the past memory.

Can you look at the feeling, there is an intensity in the watching, a resistance, can you watch the resistance?

Are there any verbal questions arising, seemingly to resolve the issue? Can you see this questioning as a part of the problem?

There is just the feeling. Without any romanticising of the feeling, no sentimentality. Just the sensations.

Who are you without the language structure of who you are?

Without any description of the feeling, and without any ideas about it that you may have read in a meditation book, or an emotional handling course. Or any other self help book.

Without past prejudices, ideas, opinions, etc.

Can you watch it with the same quality as you seeing something new without any ideas about it?

Let it tell the story of it and the thoughts arise with that feeling.

For the thoughts are not separate from the feeling. It is a continuity of the content of the mind.

No interfering, because that will be engaging in it.

Not saying I will overcome this, or I am afraid of this. Any deviation.

Just the feeling. The immediate perception, before the words march in.

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