Busyness – is it a symptom of something else? Is it a good thing or bad thing? Do you get points for being busy? Why are you always busy?

Being busy does not mean you are being productive. In fact, quite the opposite. Busy-ness stems from a fear of not being enough. A fear of being lazy. A fear of not having lived a worthwhile life. Wanting to look important in front of others. Busy-ness is being used as a measure of how much you are achieving without actually looking at what is being achieved. This kind of business is meaningless.

Busy-ness can be used as an excuse to avoid things that are actually challenging and important. ‘Can’t you see I am busy with something else?’- you say. You might be avoiding something that really needs looking at.

Relax and do only the things that matter.

Why do you do the things that you do? What is the reason behind your actions? What is the motive, what is the meaning – meaning as in – what is the outcome? Is it for material gains, emotional gains? Emotional avoidance? Wanting approval?

Things that matter beyond avoidance, approval, disapproval etc. Things you do out of fear, out of dissatisfaction.

Once you get closer to what does actually matter – you will soon realise that there is not much to do, there is nowhere to really get to. Apart from the things that we have created according to some standards. Standards set by someone else, set by a concept or an idea.

And there is the anxiety that kicks in then – if I am not doing much then I am wasting away your life? Are you? Aren’t you wasting your time and energy when you chase meaningless things?

Why cause the unnecessary suffering? Because suffering is just another measure of success? How much you suffer and your capacity to come through against the odds, imagined or otherwise, to satisfy your own self-importance – can it be a measure of success?

Your need to follow the narrative of the ‘hero’s journey’?

When you are busy, are you doing many things for the sake of doing them, born out of this anxiety without actually paying attention? You are dead in the mind – repeating some sort of pattern. You are not present to what is going on. You are living like a zombie – pre-programmed – conditioned.

So, no – you don’t get points for being busy.