Best Domain Name Generator Tools: 15 Tools That Will Actually Make Your Domain Names Better

Want to smoothen the domain name selection process for your blog or website? Here, I am going to talk about the best domain name generators that I know of.

What is a domain name generator?

A domain name generator is simply a tool that helps you generate domain names for the keywords that you give it. 

To use these tools you need keywords. These are words that you use a foundation to generate domain name ideas. Pick a few keywords that will be relevant to the content that you are going to put out on your website/blog/service. More on how to pick these keywords are in this article here

A generator will then use these keywords and suggest you with a list of potential domain names that you can use for your website. 

Here, I am going to give you some domain name generators that I like.

They are not in any particular order.

I value simplicity in using a tool but at the same time, a tool should not be just basic.

So without further ado,

Best domain name generators

1. Lean domain search

best domain name generators lean domain search

This tool is from the company behind WordPress. So that obviously, in my mind, increases its trustworthiness and quality of the result.

What it does is pair the keywords you give with common words that are found in other popular domains.

Very easy to use and you can generate names that start with and end with the keyword you give.

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2. Shopify business name generator

best domain name generators shopify business name generator

This one is not strictly a domain name generator but a business name generator. 

Put in your keywords and hit generate. Use the ones you like and put them through a domain registrar like Godaddy to find it’s availability.

I like the quality of the names that this tool generates.

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3. Panabee

best domain name generators panabee domain name ideas
best domain name generators panabee related terms

This probably should be at the top of this list. It has a lot of options. The tool works best with two keywords.

More than a basic ending with and starting with keyword generation, it also uses related terms, shows translations.

My favorite thing is, it even searches for the availability of the keyword in social media platforms. 

4. Namelix

best domain name generators namelix
Results for keyword ‘baby’

This one is a business name generator much like Shopify business name generator and not specifically for domain names.

The cool thing about this is that it generates, appealing, brandable domain names, that are presented as cards with logos. Which gives you an idea of how a potential logo may even look like should you choose the name,


you can think of more logo ideas using the results as a starting point.

The results are visually appealing and so it is hard to stop scrolling down.

Put in your keywords and hit generate.

They include premium domains as well, but they are pricey.

Registration is possible through Namecheap from inside the tool.

Save the results by clicking on the heart icon placed at the bottom right of each result card.

5. Naque

best domain name generators naque

This tool is a word mixer, not specifically tailored for domain name generation. 

They advertise as a tool to generate unique names and, I concur.

Check it out. Take the generated name you like and put them through a registrar to check availability.

It works by mixing the keywords you give it. Up to five keywords are accepted at the time of writing.

I like that it only gives a limited number of options so you don’t end up wasting a lot of time scrolling through the results. Although you can keep clicking on the more words button to generate even more. 

A cool thing about this tool is that the focus is on the number of syllables when generating the names. So it gives you better sounding, sayable names. 

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6. Domain name soup

best domain name generators domain name soup

One of my favorite tools and a very powerful one at that.

I find the domain name thesaurus tool very powerful that lets you give 3 keywords and allows you to choose whether to look for synonyms for the selected ones from these. Hope that makes sense.

It also has other tools, in fact, this is a collection of tools. 

I like the append and prepend tool as well, using verbs and nouns to be appended to the given keyword. 

There are word mixers similar to  Naque and also, word manipulators.

Worth checking out!

7. Nameboy

This one only shows .com domains. But that’s fine because we are only interested in those.

And it provides a domain availability check through Bluehost.

It has basic functionality, for example, it does not even have a synonym check.

It will just generate words with the original keyword you give. But I like the results.

8. Impossibility

impossibility domain name generator

Impossibility adds adjectives, verbs, and nouns to the start or the end of the keyword you give as input. You can also select the length of these verbs and nouns.

9. Namesmith

business name generator namesmith

Again, a business name generator here. Generate the name and put it through a domain name registrar to check for availability.

My favorite things are the blend and rhymes like results.

A very cool tool with a high quality of generated keywords.

10. Namestation

namestation domain name generator

This tool has a lot of different ways to generate domain names. A lot of options.

You can choose to use related names, choose to append or prepend(start with and end with option) and even use alliteration.

If you don’t want to do any of this by yourself, you can post a contest (a project) on this site and others will come up with names for you. All you have to do then is to choose the best name for you.

When you use this tool, it will automatically search for existing name contests submitted by other users. You can then view the winner of that contest and all the entries in that contest.

11. Namemesh

A very good, very easy to use, tool.

The results are grouped into categories such as SEO friendly, fun, etc.

It does what looks like a real-time search and update of the results. 

You can search against different domain name registrars. You can restrict the results to .com, .io, .co and .net

Put in the keyword, select the registrar to check the availability of the domain with and hit search. Check the hide registered box.

I especially like the SEO and fun categories of the search results.

12. Wordoid

They say a wordoid is a made up word that sounds unique and natural.

Who does not like the sound of that?

You simply put in the keywords and hit generate.

There are several options with the length of the domain names, starting – containing – ending with options, to show only available domains, etc.

You can also save your results after creating an account and logging in.

And check the availability of the domain by simply clicking check.

13. Domainhole

domain name generators domain hole

This website has a set of tools. Use the Namespinner to generate domain names.

I like the word lists that it uses to generate the name. Choose what list to use using the dropdown popular list that contains options like financial terms, technical terms, etc.

14. Domain Wheel

business name generator domain wheel

A simple domain name generator.

It has tools that will generate new domains that rhyme like the keyword you give it and, similar words.

I found the quality of the names generated increases if you have more than one word.

Simple domain name generator.

I suggest you check the .com only checkbox to find only .com domains. The tool checks for availability before displaying the domain names.

15. Finally, Isitwp

is it wp domain name generator

The results from this tool look much like the ones from lean domain search.

I like the look and feel the names that it generates. It is effective as a tool whatever algorithm is being used under the hood.

You can check availability through Bluehost by clicking view details.

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