Benefits of Long Term Travel

There are many benefits for long term travel. Here are some.

It can be cheaper to travel long term. Many places are cheaper than staying in a place like London or Europe, especially if you are travelling to eastern Europe, Asia or South America. I stayed in Lviv, Ukraine for 3 months, eating out all three meals, engaging in local activities, spending time in cafes and bars – about $800 dollars a month. That is a lot less when compared to living in London, where I am usually based. I usually spend around £4000 a month when in London.

You will get to meet a lot of new people. Not that this is very meaningful to me, but you will improve on your social skills, and you will become more tolerant of people’s bad behaviour, appreciate small little gestures of kindness from others etc. You will be more relaxed with people. While it won’t cure of any social anxiety you have, you will be more relaxed with it and realise that most of the people you meet are in the same boat.

Classes and courses are cheaper in other cities. If you could not afford dance classes and other interesting stuff you might wanted to – a language class may – they come super cheap in other countries. Learning Spanish in London is very different from learning in Malaga – where it is cheaper to learn, and you have more exposure to the culture there. Or for example learn tango in Argentina.

More opportunities to have delicious food. I have found food is amazing all around the world. So far. I have enjoyed food more when travelling than back home. And it is dirt cheap to eat healthy. Personally, I don’t like to chew on crickets or any kind of food that is that ‘exotic’, the local food, I have found when travelling – for example in Poland, is amazing.

Get to know other cultures. If you are a history buff or are interested in the local cultures, it is a very good idea to spend some time in a city – may be few weeks to months to get inserted into their culture, make some local friends and discover and do what the locals do.

You get to date in a different culture. Who does not want to be a travelling seducer or seduced. And you get to see how culture affects how people think. And this will also break down and kind of preconceptions about the opposite sex, ‘all men are like that’ or ‘all women are like that’ into ‘actually people believe in what they grew up with’

Try different jobs. When you are travelling long term, you will have to make money at some point or during your travel. Although you don’t need as much as you would in your western home country. You can try work away volunteering, working in hostels and farms etc etc. There is a lot of options in which you can increase your competency levels in all areas of your life when travelling long term.

Humility and open-mindedness. Long term travelling will make you open to all kinds of people, different cultures etc. You will be able to recognise stupidity when you see it when you go back. You will see people act in way that they are taught to. It will grow your intelligence. It will teach you how to be kind, fierce when needed. Be independent – especially when you are solo travelling.

What are you waiting for?


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