We all are. None of us have access the actuality of the things. Only thought described version of things. And then we make more conclusions based on any previous neurotic memory and conclusions.

Our thoughts create the reality around us. Reality is not actuality. Everything is so real and vivid to you because thought says so. But that does not mean they are actual.

Our brains have the capacity to filter out anything that it does not important and get obsessed with things that it deems important even if they are not in actuality.

There are studies done on this.

The Gorilla experiment where you put a gorilla into a scene, a video that is being played to the participants, they totally miss the Gorilla, because the were nudged in a different direction with a different question. Something like that.

And then there is the Rubber hand experiment, where the brain confuses the rubber hand to be the actual hand.

Some might say, our reality – our perception of the world is a controlled hallucination of the brain.

So, what’s my point?

We are all constructs of our brain. And the rules of our society and surroundings don’t help much, they facilitate the problem by hiding the problem, making you all important. So, you can be sold stuff.

Anyway. We all are out of touch with the actuality, living with ideologies, religion, borrowed concepts, imitation, in comparison to standards that have no basis in the value of being a human.

And none of us, most of us, don’t question this. May be some do, some grumpy old men – they realise towards their death and they say fuck it, and they become our favourite grumpy old men.

But we don’t know when we are going to die. The possibility of death is the same whether you are old, or you are an infant. The death is certain. With absolute guarantee. The only this where there is no unknown about it. We don’t know when, but it is certain. Still we go on living like we are going to live for ever. Some find comfort in the concepts of afterlife. Which is really a reaction to the fear of death.

We are all mentally ill to some degree. We live in our thoughts, not in the present. Out of touch with what is. Projecting your jealousy, violence on to others. Fight over the things that is only made up by the mind. Afraid of the inexistent fear. Finding comfort in the delusion of security. Hypocrisy. Protecting a made-up self-image that is inexistent. Being violent in the name of compassion. The victimhood culture.

People are just lazy. So, they will find any excuse to get things without working for it. Or rather they want things what others have just by being of a specific gender – without even working for it. And our laws and society support it. I am taking about a specific set of women and some social justice warriors.

Anyway – we are all mentally ill because we depend too much on our opinions. Thought is not sacred – whether it comes from a religion or it comes from a thug. Perception is possible when thought ceases to operate. Otherwise it is just the past projected into the present and the future. Determining what is going to happen even before it happened.

Don’t depend on thought a lot. Because your thoughts are not really your thoughts. They came from outside you. Someone told you something. You made it bigger, by labelling according to what you know. So, the image you create of you and the world around you is really a made up version. An illusion. And then you act on it, without question. Because the experience is vivid and real – but has no basis in actuality.

So, we all are neurotic.


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