The Journey So Far

I am Hashin, 34 years old.

I was born and raised in Southern India, in a lovely state called Kerala. I moved to Bristol, UK in 2007 for a year with the intention to stay longer. It was because my company in Bangalore decided to send me to work with the client. I got lucky because the person who was there already felt homesick and decided to come back.

For the first year I was there, I’d saved up enough to apply for a highly skilled worker visa for the UK and so I applied and I got it. So I changed companies and moved to Cardiff for a while.

After working in Cardiff for a while I moved to London in late 2009. I rented various apartments and lived there on permanent employment till 2012.

Then I decided to go on my own and formed my own limited company and then started contracting as an IT consultant. I was earning a decent amount of money now to live in London. And so I did that until late 2013.

So until now, it seemed like a game, leveling up, achieving new things every year. I am skilled in my craft, creating software, and teaching others how to do it.

There was this desperate loneliness. And so I wanted to change that. Some whack job told me that – or I heard somewhere that “it is because I don’t love myself” – a foolish thing if you ask me now.

So the effort was to love myself after that – which was by attending numerous self-help programs, western and eastern. Twelve-step programs, Vipassana meditations, and weird sexual practices, shamanic rituals, and all kinds of stuff over the course of five years, 2013 to 2018.

I realized after five years of struggle that it was just replacing one form of achievement-oriented life with another form (spiritual achievement).

And during that period of self-development (self-torture), where I was traveling a lot for seminars and workshops, non-stop, without a permanent base, I picked up the idea of creating an online business and earning a living from that. 

Initially, though dismissing it as a fantasy, I happened to meet a few folks who were actually living that lifestyle, and I read a book like every other “digital nomad”, the classic – The 4-hours work week. 

So I left London again in 2018 realizing that I’d wasted five years of my life and wasted my savings, decided that I would work for 3-6 months a year and then would travel the rest because I still kind of enjoyed traveling. Mostly because I can live on less when traveling and that I don’t have to work for the entire year. I just had to be away from an expensive city London. 

And so I worked for 6 months in 2019, and another six in 2020. And then the virus hit. I couldn’t travel anywhere because of that and was locked in in the UK.

Once the UK removed the travel ban and Italy opened its borders, I planned a trip to Venice and traveled to Italy for about two months.

I started a Youtube channel and decided to learn video making and social media.

Here’s my Youtube channel.

Here’s my Instagram.

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27 countries

Traveling with no permanent base since 2012.

Current endeavors – this Blog and Youtube channel

Next destination – Egypt (maybe)




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