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My name is Hash, I was born in India now a traveller. I spent the last 13 years in London working as a software developer on and off, mostly on. 4 years ago, I was not really satisfied with the life that I had at the time. It was not long hours or anything like that. I have hit a growth point where I could not move any further in that job. Also I was very lonely at that time.

Travelling the world and experiencing new things sounded like a good idea.

Hash digital nomad

Change moment and inspiration

Coming from India, I had not actually learned how to have a dating life and how to relate to women, especially in the western world. So I set off on a journey to reclaim my sexuality. Boy, I’ve learned a lot.

From having several relationships to casual encounters, the fear still persists. There is something deep that is restless inside me.

That journey included a lot of travelling and staying in several sex positive communities etc.

Exposure to another Lifestyle

Also what happened was I discovered a lifestyle that a lot of people are already living, where they are location independent and making money on the road or as a digital nomad.

I read Tim Ferriss’s 4 hour workweek and was hooked. But never really took any actual action on it, I mean consistent action.

I did try out some ideas in the book, for example I had an online store selling cat houses using drop shipping. I did make some sales, but went back to my programming job when I ran out of money.


The Second Run

This is a second take on the same journey, that I am trying to recreate. That I have decided to document here.

One of the skills that I acquired on my previous take is coaching people to have what they want. I will talk about this more on the upcoming posts.

Because in the end I want people to be more connected to each other in this disconnected world. Especially men and women, I believe there will be harmony.

This is not necessarily a travel blog and I will write about my emotional journey, travelling, tips for you as a reader and my dating life on the road.

Hopefully you as a reader will benefit from my take on the world.


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