4 Quick And Easy Ways To Extend Your Life

Here is a great great video of Jane McGonigal, a video game designer talking at TED talks about resilience and simple practical activities that you can do every day to add years to life.

She says you can add 10 years of life just by doing the things in the video.

I was captivated by the video, and plus the activities are simple and fun.

It is merely this.

1. Boosting your physical resilience

Making fists and throwing it up in the air

2. Boosting your mental resilience

Clicking your fingers and counting down from 100 to 1 as fast you can

3. Boosting your emotional resilience

Search in google or youtube “baby __(your favourite animal)” and have a look at the videos and images

4. Boosting your social resilience

Shake someones hand’s or texting or writing a note to someone saying thank you. She says you literally can form emotional bonds with a person for shaking their hands for more that 6 seconds. Time to try this on. That person is more likely to help you or you are more inclined to help them.

If you do this everyday, she does the math in the video, that you are gaining +7 minutes of extra life per hour

And now here is the video.

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