Hi, I’m Hash.

I’m a socially awkward traveller – gave up my programming job 4 years ago in favour of travelling and self-improvement – well at that time to talk to girls.  Since then I have lived in some countries and have travelled to some. I took seminars, went to hippy parties, workshops, lived in a cult, explored my sexuality and even got fake married for a month to research relationships – I will tell you about it if you ask me.

Eventually I exhausted my savings and returned to London in 2017. Worked for  a little bit more. And soon found out that the 9-5 and having a boss was killing me. I decided to take my coaching skills with me and started coaching people and got into writing. This time I want to stay on the road for a little longer, inspire people wherever I go.

Here, I write about travel, my views on human psyche, relationships, making money online and my own thoughts and feelings.

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2402, 2019

Worrying is Our Nature

February 24, 2019|Personal Growth Tips|

It is the nature of our brain. Our brains are programmed to solve problems. So, if you are not solving a problem, the brain is smart enough to create a problem, which it can then solve. It constantly looks for problems out there to fix. That is what worrying is. And most times, [...]

2202, 2019

Stop Your Self-improvement Now

February 22, 2019|Personal Growth Tips|

It is a moronic behavior to self-improve. The self who is trying to improve is the self that needs changing. It is fairly obvious that it is doomed to fail. It is a fallacy to self-improve. On the other hand, is it different from change? I am not talking about transformation. Transformation is [...]


1112, 2018

Benefits of Long Term Travel

December 11, 2018|Lifestyle, Travel Tips|

There are many benefits for long term travel. Here are some. It can be cheaper to travel long term. Many places are cheaper than staying in a place like London or Europe, especially if you are travelling to eastern Europe, Asia or South America. I stayed in Lviv, Ukraine for 3 months, eating [...]


1902, 2019

No one likes a doormat

February 19, 2019|Journal, Personal Growth Tips|

No one likes a doormat, right? I mean a person who allows others to walk all over him or her. I’m talking more specifically about men in relating to women. Have a spine already, right? Have your own opinions. Don’t blindly agree to everything she says. Or to anyone. Other men too. Be [...]

1502, 2019

Rejecting all authority

February 15, 2019|Journal|

I need to reject all authority in order to grow. The authority of knowledge and experience. The authority of the so-called experts. Find out things for myself. I have been dependent on books and workshops for a long time. It was merely an escape from the responsibility of finding things out for myself. [...]

1302, 2019

Are we all mentally ill?

February 13, 2019|Journal|

We all are. None of us have access the actuality of the things. Only thought described version of things. And then we make more conclusions based on any previous neurotic memory and conclusions. Our thoughts create the reality around us. Reality is not actuality. Everything is so real and vivid to you because [...]

1202, 2019

The Pursuit of Superiority

February 12, 2019|Journal|

I pursue superior things for personal growth – to be better than the next person. There will always be a person who is better than me, there will be always someone who I can look down unto. I go after more inspiration, more self-discipline, to be a better programmer, to be a better [...]

1102, 2019

Information is prison

February 11, 2019|Journal, Personal Growth Tips|

We consume information. Whether it is garbage like the social media, gossip or it is the intellectual information, philosophy, knowledge for a skill etc. We keep on reading and reading and reading, watching one videos after another and it does not simply seem to have an effect on the quality of our living. [...]

802, 2019

Arguing is OK

February 8, 2019|Journal|

I had a rather interesting argument today. I had booked a double bed in Best western hotel in Nottingham. I had 6 nights booked. I realised that when I started settling into the room, that the double bed is, in fact, two beds joined together. Normally, I would just accept it. I am [...]

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