Hi, I’m Hash.

I gave up my job in 2014 to travel and improve myself. I wanted to get good with women. I was so crippled by anxiety I decided travel will fix it. Well it did n’t. As someone once said, wherever you go, there you are.

I lived in some countries and travelled to some. I took seminars, went to hippy parties, workshops, lived in a cult based on sexuality and even got fake married a couple of times  to research relationships – yeah it was weird.

Here I share about my travels, and my endeavours. I write about creating online income and becoming more passive in making money so you don’t have to trade your time for money.

Currently in: India

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2202, 2019

Stop Your Self-improvement Now

By |February 22, 2019|Journal|

It is a moronic behavior to self-improve. The self who is trying to improve is the self that needs changing. It is fairly obvious that it is doomed to fail. It is a fallacy to self-improve. On the other hand, is it different from change? I am not talking about transformation. Transformation is [...]

1902, 2019

No one likes a doormat

By |February 19, 2019|Journal, Lifestyle Design|

No one likes a doormat, right? I mean a person who allows others to walk all over him or her. I’m talking more specifically about men in relating to women. Have a spine already, right? Have your own opinions. Don’t blindly agree to everything she says. Or to anyone. Other men too. Be [...]

1502, 2019

Rejecting all authority

By |February 15, 2019|Journal|

I need to reject all authority in order to grow. The authority of knowledge and experience. The authority of the so-called experts. Find out things for myself. I have been dependent on books and workshops for a long time. It was merely an escape from the responsibility of finding things out for myself. [...]

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