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I provide content writing and coaching services should you wish to work with me. Here you can find the whole array of ways in which we can collaborate.

Guest Posting

If you want to write on my blog, just contact me here. I like quality content on the topics of self-development, meditation, effective travel and about destinations that I have not visited yet. Don’t be shy!

Help with travel planning – Travel planning services

I can provide advice on finding cheap deals and booking flights for your next holiday. Having long term travelled, lived in and visited many countries and through research I have gained a ton of knowledge on these topics. Contact me for a consultation via skype call.

I can provide research on the deals and create a custom itinerary for your next trip. For an hour of work. To apply, contact me through the form below.


Dating & Relationships

I have learned how to create love on the road during my travels and when I am back in London. Also, having learned the dynamics of relationships from various coaching schools and after (getting married for a month for research), having multiple monogamous, non-monogamous, casual relationships, coaching people on the topics of intimacy and courage, I am keen to spread the knowledge further and help you in your dating life.

Anxiety & Fear – Confidence

Anxiety is living by projecting the past into the future and never living in the present. Fear, anxiety, worrying – whatever you want to call it a response from your past memories. I have been helping people with anxiety and fear using mindfulness meditation and enquiry practices. You don’t need more confidence to act. You just need to shed off some ineffective judgements about the stories in your head.

Leaving your work behind and escape the 9-5

Want to leave the 9-5 work and create a life of travel and digital nomadism? Having done it myself and ongoing, I can help you with leaving your current job and finding something new that will be more nourishing to you.

Meditation and Mindfulness Training

I have meditated for a lot of years now. During my childhood in India, I studied in an ashram/monastery and learned the basics of meditation. Later in life, when I was in London, I picked up meditation in order to help me know the nature of my mind and perception, so I can think clearly.

There are a lot of meditation books and techniques available in the stores and a lot of teachers around you. Most of them spread the wrong messages to meditation as in – it is to calm yourself – to become more confident – stop your thoughts – meditation is concentration – and other bullshit. These are the by-products of meditation but the moment you try to have goals like these, it is no longer meditation.

I can teach you various techniques to meditation and the right attitude needed. Say hello to your new, refreshing life.


I write on this blog and I write about the nature of mind, travel and blogging. If you require my writing services, contact me through the form below.

I can write about,

  • Travel
  • Programming and Tech
  • Self Help & Wellness – (Mindfulness, Confidence, Motivation etc)

Tech work

I can help you set up your own blog or provide WordPress related consulting services.

Having worked as a programmer for 13 years in London, I have gained a ton of knowledge and experience to help you, should you want help with creating dynamic APIs for your apps and rich front ends. I am not a designer to be clear,  but a developer.

Web Developer

  • Symfony/PHP
  • React/Redux
  • Javascript


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